Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Blog in Now Rated PG-13 ...

... some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents strongly cautioned.

I would just like to point out that prior to writing the "Love Your Craft Knife" post, my blog was rated G. Now my blog is rated PG-13 because I used the word "knife" 13 times. Well, I guess it's fifteen times now. I wonder if I write the word "knife" often enough my blog will become rated R? If I could get an R rating, I would totally put that blinkie on my sidebar. And people will click over here from YouTube and be all "OMG! What can she possibly be talking about!?" but won't be able to find anything inappropriate.

I really think that would be hilarious. For a scrapbook-related blog with no bad words or inappropriate references to be rated R because of one post about craft knives {ooh ... I typed "knives" again! And again! I can't help myself!} to be rated R? Hee hee!

Is it wrong that I find this so amusing?

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it. Use a craft knife.


  1. So where does one go to get one's blog "rated"?

    And 5 AM seems awfully early to learn this!

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Thanks for the chuckle, Kathryn! I really enjoyed this post....too funny!
    Have a great day,

  3. Hi, Uncle Cliff! I wasn't actually up getting my blog rated at 5:00 AM, I have to admit ~ I scheduled this post ahead of time. You can get your blog rated here. I hope you get the rating you're after ~ I'll just have to settle for having the world's most violent craft site. Maybe that should be my blog's new tagline ... ?

    You're welcome for the chuckle, Nancy! I'm glad you got a laugh out of it as I think it's hilarious! :D This blog is so tame that it just cracks me up!

    Oh, Maritza, I know what you mean! :D The whole thing is just so weird! It's so funny to imagine me as the owner of the most violent craft blog in the world.

    Life's a beach. Try not to get eaten by sharks.

  4. Kathryn, again your sense of humor has me holding my side from laughing too much. Thanks for the fun start to my Saturday :-)

  5. heee HI UNCLE CLIFF!!! WE LOVE YOUR NIECE Kathryn!! She's super!!

    KNIFE.. KNIFE..KNIFE!! :) ARGH... thanks for always interesting fun posts!! :)

    with a grin,

  6. Thanks, Hope! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D I love to hear that it got your Saturday off to a good start, even if it did involve a side ache!

    Stephanie, are you trying to help me get my "R" rating!? You're so sweet! :D I'm so glad your a big fan of The World's Most Violent Craft Blog!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  7. This makes me want to put up a X-rated post just to see what would happen.

  8. I didn't realize our blogs could have a rating. Where do you find that? Thanks for sharing this bit of knowledge with us! :-) Hummm... wonder if Arnold having a knife larger than 4inches in the state capitol (California) has anything to do with that word being used and up'ing your rating to PG-13?? LOL!

  9. Leah, I am dying to know if the ratings get worse than "R" but I think if you did that, you might break the rater! After all, my blog is supposedly too violent for 13 year olds, so who knows what kind of rating you would get from actual naughty content! :D

    Yes, Arlene, you can get yor blog rated HERE. As for your governor, some friends and I had gotten together to get drunk {I'm sure this will be another strike against my poor blog rating} and watch cheesy 80s movies {Terminator and Conan among them} and every time Arnold did something especially weird/funny/embarassing/naked {there I go again} in the movie, one of my friends would say "Governor of California" in a totally serious voice ~ we cracked up every time! It's fun! {But maybe not as fun if you actually live in California ... ?}

    I'll be back.

  10. You need to mention glue guns. After all, I'm sure you can cause all sorts of mayhem with those vile instruments of destruction. If you can't get an R rating for talking about guns, you might have to start a pink ribbon campaign to talk about THAT topic! Heck, that will get you filtered from most library computers!

  11. WHAT!? If I had known your site was PG-13, I would have looked at it sooner. Tell us the moment you're R rated!


    Btw, thanks for the KNIFE tips. I don't know why I'm so lazy changing my BLADES, when I'm good with everything else.

    craft knife, glue gun, craft knife, glue gun, etc...
    Damn (oops) I wish I would have gotten on the stuputer earlier today I could have used a good laugh!
    Considering your run in with the blogcops, you should completely undertand why I call it the stuputer!! i.e. stupid computer, for all those monitors who "don't get it"! craft knife, glue gun, craft knife, glue gun, craft knife, glue gun, craft knife, glue gun, craft knife, glue gun, (do you think you got their attention yet???)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Later & ♥ ya,

  13. Randy, awesome idea! Why didn't I think of mentioning my adhesive GUN earlier!? Just think how quickly I could have achieved the coveted "R" rating! Excellent suggestion. I'm off to go use my glue gun on some projects now. Just as soon as I get done murdering the spiders on my balcony with this can of Raid bug killer.

    Liz, where have you been!? Are you super busy lately? On vacation? Scrapping up a storm? Hopefully you haven't injured yourself with your craft knife or your adhesive gun ~ craft knives and adhesive guns can be so dangerous! Scrapping is so violent!

    Jill, I think if we all keep mentioning craft knives and glue guns, I'm going to end up with a knock on the door from two FBI agents from the cybercrimes division to haul me away in their black SUV ~ LOL! Enjoy your weekend & keep on laughing!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it. Or you'll die.