Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Life on the {Scrap}beach!

Thanks so much for all the great tips and advice you left on my Cricut post! You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping me out!

I went to the Cricut library last night and looked at every. single. cartridge. Well, that's not completely true. I didn't look very carefully at the font cartridges because I had planned on getting either SCAL or MTC right from the start. And I made a list of all the cartridges with images that work for me and what I am doing with my scrapping:

A Child's Year
Beyond Birthday's
Christmas Cheer
Easter Seasonal Cartridge
Fabulous Finds
Graphically Speaking
Home Accents
Home Decor
Joys of the Season
Everyday Paper Dolls
Paper Doll Dress-Up
Life Is A Beach
Love Struck Seasonal
Mother's Day Seasonal
Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More
Tie the Knot
Very Merry Tags
When It's Cold Outside
Wild Card
Disney: Mickey & Friends

Those are not necessarily the cartridges I plan on buying. I need to go through that list again and split the cartridges into three more lists: 1) buy now, 2) buy eventually and 3) add to wish list. Ones that are "Gee whiz, might be nice & I could use it" but I don't really want it enough to spend my own money will go on the third list. Then I just need to start hunting down the ones on the first two lists for good prices and slowly build my cartridge library. :D

In the meantime, I am 95% sure I will be going with "Make the Cut" over "Sure Cuts A Lot" as it seems like it combines the features of Inkscape and SCAL into one program that appears to be very user friendly. I am waititng until I get home, however, to make the final decision. My only hesitation with MTC is that it is still pretty new, so not sure how people like it long term. But I am pretty good with the computer, so I can probably get either to work for me just fine. Mostly I am just waititng until I get home and can load the trial software on my big computer for playing around.

I'll also be investing in the deep cut blade because I do want to use the shape carts and my own SVGs to cut the pages for mini albums out of lightweight chipboard. I think that would rock!

Anyways, thanks again for all your suggestions! They were so helpful!

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. great list od cartriges Kathryn, but I have to tell you that you dont really need the depp cut blade to cut thin chipboard I just sold mine because I didnt see any diference , but that's just me

  2. Thanks for the tip, Sandra! I will definitely try cutting my lightweight chipboard with the regular blade first before investing in the deep cut blade!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  3. Right now the MTC is my choice over SCAL too. But i'm still hestitant to get it because it is new but from the look of it it seems like they are working out any kinks that there were and are listening to everyones suggestions which is nice!! And from everyone that i've heard thats used it loves it.

  4. Kathrym, I saw this coupon code on commandyourcricut.com's website for the MTC: MATT-IIPM If you enter this in the coupon code section it should give you 10% off.


  5. Kathryn,
    I've used my regular blade to cut through grunge paper and works great. As long as you use the multicut button it'll be fine. I find that cutting the image 5 times will help the image pop out easily.. Haven't tried light weight chipboard though. Also, make sure your mat is very sticky so that chipboard won't shift.. Your list looks great. Again, ohmycrafts.com has the best prices. I get all my carts from there. Even my secret santas use them to buy me carts. Lol they ALWAYS have promotional codes. Right now you can use END20 for additional 20% off. Most carts you listed are $34.99-$39.99 on their site plus 20% off makes it a great deal!

  6. Kathryn, I had been using SCAL on my PC for Vista, but I recently upgraded to 7 thank goodness! and lost my SCAL [I didn't get it legally anyways, my dad got it for me, who knows how ...] but after looking at MTC, I really think I want to purchase that. As for images, I really want to start making my own SVGs and posting them on my blog. I already made a Mickey Mouse to cut out! I'm hoping once I clean my room [it's been messy for weeks] I can try actually cutting MIckey out and seeing how it looks. [I just noticed you had Mickey & friends on your list] ...

    I'm a big rambler, this is all random. Hahahah. I Guess my point is there are a lot of people that offer free SVGs that are similar to cricut cartridge images. That's another thing to consider before buying a cart too, to see if there are some free SVGs similar to them. They're also a lot easier to store then cricut cartridges! Hahah!

  7. If you decide that Tags bags boxes and more is a cart you must have! I have one..my friend sold it to me for $25 and I have never used it, but did take it out of the box (store my carts in a small rubbermaid tote)

    Let me know!

    (Erin K on the beach)

  8. Great List!!! I lov eteh make teh cut over the SCAL!!! Chekc teh yahoo owners group!