Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

Hi, everyone! This post is nothing but random musings about life, so don't get too excited. :D

I'm taking a break from Paperbag Album, Part II: The Return to Insanity to watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street with Mr. Lifeguard. Just some Saturday afternoon cheesiness. We're thinking about going to see the remake, but since neither Wes Craven nor Robert Englund are in any way involved with the picture we are a little undecided about whether or not we should be snooty "purists" and just ignore it. Plus, this one doesn't have a young Johnny Depp either, so what's the point!? ;)

Mr. Lifeguard and I are going to the Orlando/Kissimmee Scrapbook Expo this weekend & having a little mini vacay. We're leaving Thursday afternoon to meet his dad for dinner & then heading to the hotel after that. Then I'm meeting some fabulous scrappers from the Miami area up there {Hi, marlene & Olga!} and we are going to paint the town. I haven't decided yet if we should use acrylics or Glimmer Mist or what. {I can hear the groans now ~ that was a bad joke, wasn't it!?} I want to get some fun shopping done, but I have nothing I really want on my wish list. Any ideas?

I went shopping yesterday with another new scrapper friend from Miami: Martica. She showed me some of her amazing paperbag albums, which you can check out on her YouTube Channel: Marticaluv11 We had lunch, and we checked out a store in the area called Scrapyland. It's actually the warehouse for an online store, but if they are there & filling orders, they will let you in to shop. It was fun! I got some new Nestabilities to feed my Nestie addiction:

Labels Eleven:

Labels Thirteen:

And I picked up a couple of the Tim Holtz Texture Fades. I want almost all of these embossing folders, but they're not all readily available. I really like the four I got, though, and I can't wait to play around with them. I want to dry emboss some of my white tags and use alcohol inks on them. I think it will turn out really cool!

Burlap & Swirls:

Checkerboard & Cracked:

And last, but not least, I got some fun stamps from the Unity Stamp Company. I like the stamp companies that are doing the unmounted red rubber stamps. I like how they are easy to store, easy to place & give such a great crisp image. They combine the things I love about rubber & acrylic stamps & are really the best of both worlds for me. I also love the Tim Holtz unmounted red rubber stamps & the Hero Arts Clings which are the same idea.

Beach Days & Sun Rays:

Love Grows:

Margarita Moments:

And I also grabbed a reinker for my "Victorian Velvet" Distress Ink pad. My "Victorian Velvet" pad was practically dry when it arrived, so it needed re-inking, and I also wanted the reinker to make my own "Pashmina" Glimmer Mist copy since I have burned through two bottles already & it was a seasonal {and, therefore, discontinued} color.

"Pashmina" is a warm purplish pink with a golden pink glimmer & I love it! I was starting to panic about running out of it since it has been discontinued, but I think I can make a pretty close approximation of it this way. I already figured out how to make "Iridescent Gold" with water, Gum Arabic and two shades of PearlEx, so I am slowly figuring out recipes for my most used colors.

Maybe the reason I can't figure out what to buy at Scrapbook Expo is because I just went shopping!? :D

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, everyone! See you soon! :D

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Thanks for the tidbits of info Kathryn! :)

  2. we saw the new nightmare and it was good!! I love that love grows stamp!!! Its so freakin cute!!! I didnt know they discounted pashmina, good thing i have 2 ;) lol

  3. For sure you'll find something you need/want at the expo. Always there's something out there that we must have though we never know before ;D Have a great weekend! Vron

  4. Hi Kathryn!
    I am so jealous abouting your outing! I so love both you and Olga! And the thought of spending money and hanging out with you two makes my heart race!
    Oh I wish! Maybe if i click my heels three times...

  5. Do you see the green slim drooling out the sides of my mouth or the green vains running throughout my eyes??? Jealousy and green just aren't my colors either! LOL...kidding...sounds like fun. I went to Hobby Lobby and racked up this afternoon...loving it...Rita

  6. Hi! I just started following your blog recently and I love watching your 12" scrapbook layouts. I get so many great ideas! I hate when items get discontinued...but I can usually find them on ebay. I bet the pashmina glimmer mist will be on there! Thanks for all the videos!

  7. Loved everything you bought I can´t wait to see how you use all these great products in one of your creations.

  8. LOVING those Unity Stamp Company stamps! Have fun in Florida - I'm uber-jealous of your get away....also, poop on the remake of Nightmare. What rubbish! My husband and I were snarking once we saw the trailer....he told me his older brother rented Nightmare and he watched it too (parents must have been out at the time) and he didn't sleep for like two weeks! Classic. Have fun Kathryn - thanks for the random goodness!

  9. I love everything that you scored while out shopping!!
    Cant wait to see how you scored at Expo!!

  10. Love your stuff! Yes, it was a lame joke but we still love you! If you want to laugh - checkout the post on my blog about my first class! I am jealous of your goodies - love the beach stamps!