Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Video: Lucky Star Centerpieces

Hi, guys!

I have another little holiday project for you. Who knew after the Christmas Kit drama that I would still have enough Christmas spirit left for some more holiday projects? Of course I still have two more tags to do and presents to wrap but I still found time in my day to make over one hundred tiny paper stars yesterday.

Thanks to the Pottery Barn holiday catalog, these cute paper stars are popping up all over blog land. Here is my take on what you can do with these adorable little stars:

These stars are very easy to make & they're addicting! Although, if you DO get addicted, I promise you will be well over your addiction after you have made 100 of them. I feel sorry for the poor intern who had to make all the paper stars for the Pottery Barn photo shoot.

They're an origami fold commonly known as "lucky stars" and you can find a written tutorial here: Lucky Star Tutorial. I also made a video of these stars and centerpieces coming together for my YouTube Channel. You can watch below or over on YouTube at this link: Lucky Star Centerpiece.

These stars are pretty quick and easy to make & they would work well as filler for boxes, vases {what I used}, bowls and other home decor items. You could even turn them into little ornaments for your tree by adding a loop of ribbon to the top. This is also a project kids would enjoy. Well, at least I think they would. I really have no idea what I'm talking about on the kid issue, though, since my only kids are stuffed monkeys & I have a feeling they would be pretty bad at making paper stars:

See? I told you stuffed monkeys were terrible crafters. :D In fact, I'm pretty sure that all stuffed monkeys know how to do is get into trouble:

Merry Christmas!

~Kathryn :D
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  1. LOVE THIS TUTORIAL!!! Thanks so much Kathryn :) I never would have "got it" with a word-y version. Now I'm off to make one hundred of my own, lol!

  2. Love the stuffed monkeys, they are adorable! Cool stars too!

  3. =^..^= Mr. Pickles saw Santa and had only one request...many many paper stars. Looks like I know what I will be doing this weekend or maybe Thursday during your Ustream. Your monkeys are really cute, although I must admit they are not very crafty but I'll bet they are great at monkey business! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  4. LOL! I can't stop laughing at your kid monkeys.