Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cards for Alyssa and Tatiana + An Update

Hi, everyone! A few of you have asked about sending cards for Alyssa, Tatiana {or both!} and I think that is awesome and that she would really love them. :D She is a scrapbooker at heart, but with all her tiny tots she doesn't get much crafty time. She loves handmade cards, though, so I know she will really treasure them.

She is doing better every day. Yesterday she was able to come off her IV and catheter and she is just improving with leaps and bounds. She may be home in just a day!

When I first posted on The Beach about what was going on with Alyssa, Jill posted a comment on the thread with my address for anyone who wanted to send cards for Alyssa and Tatiana: Alyssa Update Thread. If you're a member of The Beach, you'll be able to see the thread and get my address there. If you're not a member of The Beach member, but would still like to send a card, please just send me an email at and I will write you back with my info. I'll collect the cards & send Alyssa a care package after she returns home. :D

I'll be making cards for both Alyssa and Tatiana during tomorrow's afternoon UStream. I am going to make a pretty card for Tatiana & for Alyssa I have something a little bit silly in mind, so come join us for fun and chatting and see what I've got planned! :D The show starts at 2:00 PM Eastern USA time and will be recorded. You can check out my UStream Channel here: UStream Linky.

Thanks again to all of you who have kept Alyssa and her family in your thoughts and prayers. And also, thank you so much, to the generous souls who asked about sending cards. You guys are just so awesome!

~Kathryn :D


  1. The Beach ROCKS! Wish I had more time to spend over there.

  2. Looking forward to tomorrows UStream, I will be doing my cards with you at the same time.
    We are under an ice blanket here, DH home from work...driving me nuts....wish employers would check with house mates before making said house mates stay Home???
    See ya tomorrow.

  3. I hope you got my address. If you didnt. My email is