Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Layout Week: Day Two

Hi, everyone!

Today is the second day of out "Week of Layouts" here and on my YouTube Channel. Each day this week I will post a new video with a new 12"x12" layout. I have three more step-by-step YouTube tutorials filmed, edited and ready to upload.

I made a sketch for each layout that will be available for you here on my blog as part of each day's post. I actually drew all my own sketches for this week's video series on graph paper. This was the first time I have ever drawn my own sketches, but I really enjoyed it! Here's today's sketch: {click the sketch to make it bigger}

And here's the layout I created from the above sketch: {click the layout to make it bigger}

The papers and stickers I used in today's layout are from the Bo Bunny Zoology collection. Today's layout was all about the story. I've been to Disney's Animal Kingdom quite a few times, and I have TONS of photos. I could have had a double page-layout that was all photos, but instead I decided to highlight just a few photos and use most of the layout space to tell the story of a particular trip. I also used my computer to do typed journaling, but printed it on patterned paper, which is really fun to do.

I just uploaded a new video with my "Zoo Crew" 12"x12" layout over on my YouTube channel. You can watch the video in the window below, or click the link to watch over on YouTube: The Zoo Crew 12"x12"Layout.

I hope you enjoyed the video & the layout! Stay tuned for a new layout tomorrow using the October Afternoon's 5 & Dime collection. It has pictures of my crazy family holding baby alligators!


~Kathryn :D
Layout Queen


  1. Great layout! Love the sketch - gives plenty of room for the story!

  2. I am soooooo loving the fact you are creating 12 x 12 layouts - what an inspiration. They are BEAUTIFUL. Keep them coming girlie =D Hugs, T

  3. Thanks, Carol! This is a great sketch for a long story & it still has one large and two smaller photos. If you had a shorter story, you could always swap the large journaling page and the long skinny photo for one HUGE focal point photo and a smaller journaling strip.

    Glad you're enjoying the layouts, Teri! :D We have three more left for this week ~ it's going to be fun! Stay tuned for baby alligators tomorrow.

  4. Enjoyed that layout - A LOT!
    Great inspiration.

  5. Thank you again for sharing your talents. Love it.

  6. you are making me want to start creating layouts! love this one! you are so creative~ thanks for sharing =)


  7. Thanks so much for the surprise posts! Love to see what you are doing and appreciate how careful you are in your instructions! Mary