Monday, September 12, 2011

TONIGHT: Monday Night Football Begins!

UPDATE: We had a tech out the house this afternoon to replace the motherboard on my computer & it appears to be working now. Hooray! So we are on for the first episode of our Monday Night Football scrapbook show tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern USA time over on my USTREAM Channel: Kathryn Scraps LIVE.

Tonight is scheduled to be our first night of Monday Night Football. Unfortunately, the computer I use for USTREAM had a mini meltdown this weekend & we're waiting on a tech to come either today or tomorrow to get it fixed. Hopefully he will come today and the USTREAM will go as planned. If not, we may be having Tuesday Night Football instead. :D

I'll be sure to update here and on USTREAM so you guys know exactly what is going on. Assume the show will begin at 9:30 PM Eastern USA time tonight unless I announce otherwise.

Hope to see everyone tonight to start the pumpkin album!

~Kathryn :D
computer woes

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