Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Day Hangover Party Project

Hi, everyone!

I want to thank all of you for sending in your RSVPs for the New Year's Eve/Day Bash! Sign-ups have closed, but show times and locations are available on the event website: 2012 New Year's Scrap Bash.

For my New Year's Day Hangover Party project, I'll be creating a desktop calendar similar in design to this Rolodex mini album: Kids.

Instead of pictures as shown above, I'll be using 2012 calendar pages from S G Holidays for my album. The calendar I'll be using is available as a free PDF download here: 2012 Calendar Download.

For my paper, I'll be using the My Mind's Eye "Lost & Found" paper stack that I purchased from the Hobby Lobby website. I believe this stack is also now available from Michael's and JoAnn's, but I'm not 100% sure about that. You can see it here: MME Paper Pad.

Since you'll be looking at this calendar on your desk all year, it's important to choose a paper collection that will complement the room's decor AND your personal style. So when you're thinking about what paper stack to use, just choose one you really love. Remember: you'll be looking at it for a year.

In addition to the paper, you'll need the following:
1. Chipboard for the base
2. Binder rings to hold it all together
3. A weight for the base so it stays upright. I'll be using sand, but others have suggested rice, beans and glass floral pebbles as well. Any dense material that you can squeeze inside the base will be fine.

That's pretty much it! The supplies are fairly simple. I'm hoping you have all of them at home already. It will be a fun and easy project to work on during the show & at the end of the day you'll have a brand new calendar to decorate your desk during the new year!

~Kathryn :D


  1. Beautiful and so easy! I love it, thank you and Happy Holidays!

  2. The calendar version is a great gift idea. Kathryn,thank you for the supply list ahead of time! I hope to be able to follow and complete one at your hangover party!!!

  3. This looks like a fun and easy project for your hangover party. See you then.

  4. Love this! You have the most fantastic projects!

  5. Which Lost and Found paper collection are you using?

  6. Can we use a 6x6 paper pad?

  7. Syd, I'll be using the MME "Lost & Found" paper stack that has all the collections in it. You can see it here on the Hobby Lobby website: MME Paper Pad. I got it online from Hobby Lobby since I don't have a store near me (you can use a coupon online).

    Judy, you should be able to use a 6"x6" paper pad no problem. The only change you would make is that you would have to use six sheets of paper to cover the triangular rolodex base instead of just two. Other than that, everything would be the same.

  8. Thanks for the link Kathryn. I am looking forward to the class. Hope to join you from UK :). J xx