Monday, March 19, 2012

Kathryn Scraps Now on Pinterest!

Hi, everyone!

I hope you're having a great day & that you had a wonderful weekend. I taught my Kaiser Craft "Sweet Nothings" album-in-a-box class on Saturday and it was a huge success! Not only were all of the attendees people I already knew from the show, but also we had people there from Virginia, Maryland and Canada! It was such a fun group & I was so happy to meet everyone. :D

This morning every single Front Door album went out in the mail, so those will start winging their way around the world. That class starts on April 5, 2012, so anyone who ordered this weekend should get their album in plenty of time for it to be there when the class starts.

The subject of Pinterest came up during my show last Thursday, and Ella suggested that I create a board on my account where you guys could pin pictures of the projects you create that are inspired by my shows and tutorials. So I went ahead and did that today. The board is on my Pinterest page and is called Inspired by Kathryn.

In order to pin to this board, I'll need to add you as a contributor. If you'd like to pin projects that have been inspired by me to the board, please send an email to me at with the following info:

Your Name
Preferred eMail address
Link to your Pinterest

Once I have the above info, I'll send you an invitation to pin to the board and you'll be able to post your projects there.

When posting to the "Inspired by Kathryn" board, please let us know which of my projects inspired your creation. Please only pin projects that have been inspired by me.

Pin away!

~Kathryn :D

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  1. Kathryn...where you been? Never heard back from you. I hope everything is okay. I sent an email for Pinterest along with some photos from the Album in a Box class at Scrapbooks Plus.