Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Perfect Trim Tools Back in Stock!

Hi, everyone!

My next batch of Perfect Trim Tools just arrived!

They will be available for sale again tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd, at 12:00 noon Eastern USA time on my blog.

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon Eastern USA time, I'll put up a new blog post with a PayPal button for the new tools.

If you've been waiting to purchase the Perfect Trim Tool since its debut on National Scrapbook Day, the wait is almost over! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience!

If you don't know what a Perfect Trim Tool is yet, you can check it out on this USTREAM highlight: Perfect Trim Tool Demo.

~Kathryn :D


  1. Thanks for the demo, gotta have it...lol
    Until tomorrow.

  2. Got mine yesterday....it's so stinking cute....lol...Thanks for the super fast shipping.

  3. Are they sold out again? I don't see the Paypal button???

    1. It will be up soon! They go on sale at noon today. In half an hour there will be a new blog post with the PayPal button.