Thursday, December 13, 2012

NEW VIDEO: One Drink Maximum, 12"x12" Layout

Hi, everyone!

I have lots to report today! A new video, plus some updates to my shop!

I was finally able to get my hands on Basic Grey's "Serendipity & Shine On" collection. I know I am really late to the party on this one, but my local JoAnn's never got this collection. I had to wait until I had a chance to go to one over an hour away from me. On the plus side, they had all the collection elements 50% off AND I had a 20% off entire order coupon, so my patience was rewarded!

This 12"x12" layout is an Instagram pic of a drink I was served at Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney. We went out for Mr. Lifeguard's 40th birthday & I ordered a hurricane for my pre-dinner cocktail. It was supposed to come with a float of Bacardi 151 on top. As you can see from the photo, however, more than half the glass was straight alcohol!

Below are some pictures of the finished layout:

I filmed this layout coming together for my YouTube channel. You can watch the video below, or click this link to watch it over on YouTube: One Drink Maximum.


It took me about three weeks to edit this video, working off and on. It was TORTURE! I had several challenges with it, not the least of which were some corrupted video files. I ended up having to edit half of it in Windows Movie Maker (which is my back-up video editing software) and half of it in Adobe Premiere (which is my preferred editing software).

As a result, some of the transitions in this video may be different & I struggled with the narration matching up to the video as well. Overall, not my best work. This is as good as this one gets, I'm afraid, but I promise the next one will be better! And I do have raw footage for another layout, so there is going to be a "next one" coming soon. Also about drinking. Hmm ...

I hope to see you all this afternoon and evening on USTREAM for more fun with the Bushel Box album! The bushel box album is an 8"x8" album done in a fall theme with the Bo Bunny "Apple Cider" collection. Fingers crossed, we'll actually finish the whole thing tonight! If we do, next week we'll go over some last minute Christmas gift ideas. The classes will be offered online today from 2:00 - 4:00 PM and again from 9:00 - 11:00 PM Eastern USA time on my USTREAM channel.

Also new in the shop today, we have a section called "Videos & DVDs" where we have put up an edited version of the online USTREAM class for the Boxed Set album. Clocking in at just under two hours and forty-five minutes, the DVD and videos has all the important information from the USTREAM class edited for time and easy viewing. It is available as both a DVD and a digital download. Click here for more details: Kathryn's Shop.

We plan to edit some of the more popular class series down and put them into this format. If there's a particular class you'd like to have on DVD, please let us know in the comments! We aim to please. :)

Have a great day!

Kathryn :D


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  2. Happy to here that you plan to offer edited versions of popular ustream classes. Good idea!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work! By the way, love that drink!
    Trisha aka Iceteeeeee