Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Picture This!" Album Poll

I was recently contacted by AccuCut regarding the camera die. As I explained on the show, there had been a manufacturing problem with the die and they were unable to replace mine.
Recently, they let me know that they had been working on the die's design in house and had come up with an alternative die. Their in-house designers are on the fence about how it turned out and they asked if I would be willing to test it myself. I agreed and they are sending me the revised die.
Assuming that this die is suitable for mass production (and please bear in mind that it might not be, in which case we will continue with the picture frame album), would you like to switch from the picture frame album to the camera album for the upcoming "Picture This!" class?
Please check one of the answers in the poll below so I can get an idea of how you guys feel about the class!
Your input is very much appreciated!

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