Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This is where you enter to win prizes during Kathryn's 2016 National Scrapbook Day Party!

The fun starts at 2:00 PM Eastern USA time on Saturday, May 7, 2016. This class will be in Kathryn's Classroom on www.kathrynscraps.com and is OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Kathryn will be making a beautiful, giftable tea bag folder. It's super quick and easy to make, and perfect to give to a special tea lover or even throw in your purse to have your favorite tea on the go!

AND she's also giving away some fabulous prizes!

National Scrapbook Day 2016 Prize List:
1. Tutorial of Your Choice

2. Adhesive Bundle
2 rolls each of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" Miracle Tape
2 bottles Scotch Quickdry
1 Medium Writing Cap
3. Tutorial of Your Choice

4. 6.5"x12.5" Creative Grids Ruler
OLFA 45mm Rotary Trimmer

5. Archives Membership, 1 year
($50.00 Gift Kathryn Scraps Certificate for current Archives Members)

6. Rechargeable Full Spectrum OTT Lite

7. Archives Membership
($50.00 Gift Kathryn Scraps Certificate for current Archives Members)

8. Polaroid Snap Camera (Color of Your Choice)

To be entered to win one of the fabulous prizes, please read the instructions below CAREFULLY!

You must enter to win BEFORE 11:55 PM Eastern USA time on Friday, May 6th to be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes. Also, you must attend the National Scrapbook Day Party event to get your SECRET WORD in order to claim your prize.

Use the linking system below, and only the linking system below, to enter your name for the 2016 National Scrapbook Day Party prize drawings. Only entries provided in the linking system below will be acceptedOne entry per person. Duplicate entries or entries that do not follow the instructions below will be deleted. 

Please follow these directions CAREFULLY!
It affects your eligibility to win a prize:

1. Click the blue "Add your link" button below. 
2. Leave the URL field blank. Do not enter anything in this field, or your entry will be deleted.
3. Enter your first name AND last name AND country of residence in the "Name" field. Be sure to enter BOTH your first AND last names AND your country of residence. Please DO NOT enter anything other than your first name, last name and country of residence in this field, or your entry will be deleted.
4. Enter your email address and only your email address in the "Email" field. Double check to make sure your email address is spelled correctly, as we may need to contact you about your prize. Please DO NOT enter anything other than your email in this field, or your entry will be deleted.

Here is an example of correct submission:
URL: this field must be left blank
Name: Jane Doe, USA

IMPORTANT: Check back in a few hours to ensure your name is still there. Entries that are not completed correctly will be deleted and you WILL NOT be notified if they are removed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Each winner will be given a SECRET WORD during the National Scrapbook Day Party. You must email this secret word to Kathryn in order to claim your prize, so be sure to mark your calendar! You must be present to win.


  1. I forgot the USA on the first entry. #54 I reentered correctly....

    1. We took care of the double entry - thanks for letting us know! :)

  2. oops my middle initial was automatically added. should i re-enter?

    1. No worries, Janet! It's totally fine that your middle initial is in there.

  3. Darn it I missed the USA after my name. I'm gonna try so hard to make this class. It's been so long since I've had the enjoyment of watching. Not sure how long I will get to stay before I have to go to work or even if my internet will connect but I'm gonna TRY TRY TRY! Miss you.

    1. We fixed it for you! I hope you can come - we were just talking on the show about how we miss you, so I know everyone would be excited! :)