Saturday, September 8, 2012

August Stamp Update!

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that I have received the stamps from Heartfelt Creations and Our Daily Bread, as well as the dies from Spellbinders. I am still waiting on Impression Obsession, but they said they will be shipping to me on Monday (they were a little behind on orders due to CHA, they told me).

If you didn't have anything in your pre-order from Impression Obsession, then your order has already shipped and you should be getting it soon. Once the Impression Obsession stamps come in, all the other stamp order will go out immediately.

We had our last Saturday Christmas Card Camp today, and it will be moving to Mondays starting September 17th. I haven't settled on a time yet, but I will let you know on Thursday for sure.

Thank you all so much for your patience!

~Kathryn :D


  1. Kathryn, I havae a very hard time hearing you during your classes. I thought it was my laptop, but checked with "Best Buy" and my speakers and sound is okay. Could you see if it is on your end. I re-play and re-play some of the directions and still sometimes I can't quite make the words out.
    Thank you, from a faithful watcher. LD

    1. Hi, Lanna!

      No one has ever mentioned this as a consistent problem to me. Also, I have a very good professional mic and USTREAM samples my audio output for me and it is always very strong.

      When I have a problem with audio on USTREAM, there are always two things I check: the volume meter in the USTREAM broadcast window and the volume meter on my computer.

      The USTREAM volume meter is located in the grey bar directly under the video window. It is immediately to the right of the pause/play button. I make sure the USTREAM volume meter is always at MAX volume. That way I can control the sound through my computer's volume meter.

      I have noticed that USTREAM has a habit of making adjustments to that volume meter on it's own. Sometimes I have even thought USTREAM wasn't working because I couldn't hear at all & then found that the USTREAM volume meter had been turned all the way down! So be sure to check that out. This would be for both broadcasts and recordings.

      If that's not the problem, then I don't know what it could be. I hope you get it sorted out!

      ~Kathryn :D