Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easier DIY Chalkboard Art!

Hello, lovelies! I am still on a Spring kick, so I was bopping around Pinterest looking for some Spring printables. I actually came across this awesome chalkboard art from Ella Claire:

Easier Chalk Art

Exploring Ella Claire's lovely site led me to an awesome tutorial on easier chalkboard art.
This tutorial is designed for taking smaller chalkboard art and blowing it up for your wall, but this is easily adaptable for us crafters!
We can use it to make chalkboard art for our pages and cards by shrinking the grids and using our chalkboard papers and markers. You could use any font or title you like, as well! Just arrange it in your Word Processing program or Photoshop.

Chalkboard Fonts

Here's an awesome round up of chalkboard fonts from Yellow Bliss Road to get you started:

Have a GREAT Day!

Kathryn :D