Friday, July 9, 2010

Be Still, My Heart *Now With Video*

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Life on the {Scrap}Beach!

So I was surfing the web this morning {the only kind of surfing I partake in, due to my very poor balancing skills} and I came across this post from Teresa Collins's blog: Introducing the Stampmaker.

You can read the entire blog post linked above for more details and ideas on how to use it, but here is the gist of it:

It is a machine that you can [use to] create your OWN stamps (from ANY image or design), embossing dies and stencils in only 5 minutes from the comforts of your own home!!!! These are high quality, detailed stamps. You would NEVER know that you had made them at home.

This is what it looks like & it will retail for $169.99:

And Teresa Collins has put up a YouTube Video about the Stampmaker as well:

On her blog, Teresa Collins mentioned that she is working with Photocentric, the UK Manufacturer of her photopolymer clear stamps on this project. I have a set of her photopolymer clear stamps and they are quite nice. They are very firm and have very little, if any, image distortion when stamping.

A little exploring on the Photocentric website reveals that they already make a commercial UV lightbox for the creation of photopolymer clear stamps. This UV lightbox retails for 249.00 GBP or around 380.00 USD with current exchange.

This is just my guess, but I'm guessing Photocentric has redesigned their already existing commercial grade lightbox for the scrapbook and stamping community. I just hope that the quality remains the same & that their modifications have been primarily in cosmetics or size. {You guys know how I feel about companies that take an already excellent commercial grade product & make it pink, cute & crappy to cheaply market it to scrapbookers.} I think this is a cool concept, so fingers crossed that the quality is strong as well!

I think this will be one of the hotter items this CHA & I am excited to see what the people who attend CHA have to say about the machine. Assuming it works as promised, it would really open up new doors in scrapping and stamping. I am excited to see what the buzz about the machine is during and after the show.

What do you guys think? Look cool? Look complicated? Let me know!

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. I love Teresa Collins' products. This machine looks and sounds great. I just hope it's as good as she says it is. I have a feeling that it is just as good as she says it is. After all, it is a Teresa Collins product...

  2. This looks awesome! I just worry about the quality and also about how much the refills are for it! I wonder if its cheaper to make your own or if it costs more just because u can make whatever image u like!...but it also says it makes embossing dies curious about that! Looks fun but I'm all about the bottom line...COST! It would be nice if my LSS got this and the customers could just use it like they do with the cricut and other tools!

  3. I absolutley love it!! I have been so excited since I saw her post yesterday!! I really want to see more and am def. considering getting it :)

  4. Well now I have another wonderful goodie to save up for :-D
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful find!!!!

  5. An employee of Photocentric posted on a thread on 2Peas about the machine. They said the machine will be $169.99 and the photopolymer sachets {the little packs Teresa Collins used in the vid} are about $2.00. She said the sachets are the only ongoing cost ~ everything else you need is in the kit.

    It looks really cool! I am anxious to see what the first few people who get it have to say about it! My mind is running over all the possibilities!

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. This is the first time I hear about this.
    Cool concept! I am looking forward to hearing what crafters have to say about it.

  7. WOW!! that is super cool!! i couldnt think with that bling flashing in my face!!! ;) I would love to see what you do (if you get one)

  8. Wow! That is the coolest! This is the first I've heard of this product and if it works as promised it's going to be a smash hit!

  9. Sounds great ! any stamp any embossing folder.A very good idea can't wait for the reviews on the product.