Friday, July 2, 2010

The DMV and Costco ...

... on the same day! Could I be any luckier!? Yay! No, I don't think I could.

So, one of the bad things about turning 30 {my birthday is in a week on July 8th ~ yay, me!} is that in Virginia you have to renew your license during your birthday month in years where you turn ages that end in 0. Which means that my VA driver's license will expire on July 31. And if I don't get a Florida driver's license before the VA one expires than I will have to retake all the tests.

So, as much as I really don't want to go to the DMV today, I really don't want to take those tests again either. With my luck I would actually fail the written one or something & then not be able to drive for six months.

What is making this an even better day, though, is that Mr. Lifeguard found a DMV office right next to the Costco! So that we can go to Costco right after we go to the DMV! Isn't that awesome!?

I really hate going to Costco.

I recognize that it's a necessity since a tumbleweed actually blew out of my fridge this morning when I opened it to get a cream for my coffee, but I cannot imagine that anyone in his right mind {ahem, Mr. Lifeguard} would think combining the DMV with Costco in the same outing was a good idea.

So, that's how I'm jump-starting my holiday weekend. What about you guys? Got any big plans? If they're better than the DMV + Costco, please post them here so I can live vicariously through you. :D

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Add a couple of kids to that truly is the cherry on top!! At least you can eat your way through the samples at Costco!

  2. Oh, yeah, you're right ~ kids would totally make it better! Especially if one of them had a cold and the other one was potty training ~ wouldn't that just be the best!?

    I'm hoping we get done with the DMV with enough time left in the day for the Costco samples to be lunch & not dinner! You never know with the DMV, though ...

  3. Hope all goes well and is over before you know it. I will be spending the holiday weekend stampin, scrappin and doing swap stuff. And reorganizing my paper and fabric. By the way, I watched the video of your acrylic album class. I'm inspired. I've wanted to do one for awhile and I even have one in a basket waiting, calling my name. Thanks, Kathryn.


  4. Mr. Lifegaurd needs a big High 5!! hehe!! hope it goes smooth for you!! :) we are planning on going to a parade on sunday plus the fair and of course fireworks!! :)

  5. Well, I had plans to play in the loft...however the shelf in our (one of only 2 in the entire house) closet fell down yesterday, yes, with EVERYTHING on it. So, we will be spending the weekend trecking back and forth to Loews/Home Depot, fighting, and fixing the closet. Because no matter how hard I try to convince him otherwise, Vinnie is positive that this is somehow my fault!
    Enjoy eating your way thru Costco and think of me stuck at Loews!
    ~Jill ♥

  6. I would just like one weekend where we are not working on the kitchen. Jill, I feel for you. If I have to step foot in Home Depot or Lowes, I may go postal. Thankfully, there is a nice Michaels next door to Lowes here. Guess where I sneak off to. :D

    As for us, nothing much on Saturday. We are going to a baseball game Sunday night. After the game...fireworks. Yay!

  7. LOL! Mr. L is amazing, I heart him!

  8. How fun for you Kathryn! (kidding!) We have the Sternwheel Regatta in Point Pleasant (where my mom lives) and here in Gallipolis we have the River Recreational Festival (or some strange name like that). Basically it's like a big street fair...lots of food, entertainment (not all the bands can actually carry a tune but they try) and rides for the kids. They are doing the fireworks on Sunday (which is strange cause they never did that before) over here and in Point they are holding the fireworks on Saturday.

  9. After the DMV/Costco, have a wonderful holiday. I can only imagine how hot it is there where you're at! We'll be in the 90s here, perfect for swimming.

    Have a project going on right now and I'm off to your YouTube channel 'cuz that's where I get my inspiro fix.

    I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating...thanks for all the effort you put into your vids and blog. Scrappers like me benefit greatly.

    Have fun! (and, oh, I hope the DMV didn't give you one of those pics where you look like a felon like they do here in Illinois.)


  10. If I remember correctly it's your birthday today! So happy birthday! I hope you had fun at the bufferfly farm :)