Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank You, Pink Paislee!

Hi, everyone! Two blog posts in one day ~ can you stand it!? :D What is the world coming to? Also, just to warn you, this post not only has a video, but also, tons of photos.

I wanted to do a blog post today to let you all know that my Pink Paislee Warehouse Box arrived today & I am so excited!

For the last couple years, Pink Paislee has sold grab bags of product once a year to make some space in their warehouse for new releases. I was very excited to get one this year & received notification that it had shipped on the 10th. When the box had not arrived on the 24th, I emailed Pink Paislee. Barry emailed me back right away that their records indicated the box had been packed and shipped, but that USPS records did not indicate the box had ever been scanned. Since the boxes were sold out, I expected to be offered a refund. Instead, Barry told me they were putting a new box together for me AND they shipped it out immediately. It arrived today! Yay!

In my opinion, the true strength of a company's customer service ethic can be seen in how they handle these sorts of unpredictable situations. It's not that nothing ever goes wrong ~ the world is not perfect ~ the strength is in how they deal with situations when something has gone wrong. I couldn't be happier with Pink Paislee in general, or with Barry in particular. They responded to my email immediately, they kept me informed as their investigation progressed & they immediately sent me out another package even though the boxes were sold out. Pink Paislee rocks!

Since I am totally tickled happy to have my box of goodies, I decided to do a haul video. {I know, right?} I just posted it over on my YouTube Channel, but you can also see it here: Pink Paislee Haul Video.

While we're on the topic of Pink Paislee and how awesome they are, I must tell you that I cannot wait to get my hands on two of their new collections from this past CHA: Hocus Pocus and Parisian Anthology! ::swoons:: They are both totally to die for!

As you guys already know, I am all about Halloween, so it's no surprise that Hocus Pocus has tickled my fancy. It has a lighter, almost tropical flavor to it that I adore. Especially since we are doing Halloween in Miami this year! Take a look:

First, the papers:

For the mini album lover:

Gorgeous Embellishments:

Goodies for the alpha fanatic:

If you knew that I am all about Halloween, it's probably no surprise to you to read that I am also all about ink: distress ink, glimmer mist, you name it ~ I love it! Pink Paislee and House of Three have created a collection that taps directly into that addiction: Parisian Anthology.

These papers are white/light with a clear embossed finish: with ink or spray they'd be totally customizable for projects

There's also a pack of embellishments to play with:

And some fun alphas to customize as well:

There are tons of other yummy goodies in the line I'd like to grab ~ like bling brooches and charm dangles ~ but those are the items that grabbed me right away because of my ink obsession.

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything & thanks for stopping by!

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Love it all!!! I especially love the clear white papers. I will have to save up for those! Thanks for sharing. See I told you they would send you a box of goodies to make up for the mistake! Lucky Lady.

  2. You were right, Amy! :D I am excited about my goodies ~ spent some time this afternoon organizing them & trying to think of what to use first! I think maybe the Bayberry Cottage paper pad, but we will have to see.

    ~Kathryn :D

  3. OMG!!!! I love them both!!!! I think I might have to hunt down that Parisian Anthology first, no, maybe the Hocus Pocus, no, Parisian, Hocus, Parisian.......... ::DIZZY::
    I think I'll go sit down and breath into a paper bag for a few minutes :-D

  4. Oh are in big trouble sista! I have been avoiding any new stuff by staying so busy and what happens you show pics on your blog and now I have to have it...what's up with that? And you know if I get it I have to share with Dawn...what to do? what to do? I'm just going to have to check out Pink Paislee dang it anyhow! lol

  5. Oops! I guess I am in trouble again for being an enabler! :D