Monday, September 27, 2010

Christmas Kit FAQs

Hi, everyone! I've been getting some emails with questions about the Christmas Kits, so I thought I'd do an FAQ.

How do we pre-order the kits?

Starting on October 1st, I will have PayPal buttons on my blog where you can reserve a kit for yourself.

I don't have PayPal ~ can I still get a kit?

Yes, but you need to email me ASAP at to discuss payment.

Will you ship the kits outside the US?


How much will it cost to ship to my country?

The kits will ship in the USPS Priority Mail Regular Flat Rate Box. What this means for International customers is that it will not cost more than $26.95 {Canada/Mexico} or $43.45 {all other countries} to ship. Before we ship the boxes internationally, we will check how much it costs to ship by weight to your destination. If the price by weight is less than the flat rate, we will ship by weight. If the price by weight is higher, we will use the flat rate.

I live outside the US ~ will the DVD still play on my computer or television?

The DVD format will be NTSC, and will play on any device that reads NTSC encoding. Most players outside the US read both the PAL and the NTSC formats. This is not like a studio released DVD which is formatted by region, and so will not play in all countries. You should have no problem playing it on both your computer and your television.

Will we get to see the album before we buy the kit?

No, only people who pay for the class will be able to see the album. It is exclusive to kit purchasers.

Will you be doing a video of the kit?

I will be showing elements of the kit over the coming month, but it is unlikely that the entire kit will be shown before November 1st. However, I will post a detailed supply list in the pre-order post on October 1st so you can see exactly what is in the kit.

If I order just the DVD, will it come with an instruction manual like we saw in the video of last year's kit?

Yes, the DVD will come with any written instructions that are included in the full kit.

I missed this last year ~ do you still have copies of the 2009 DVDs?

Yes, I am currently making more copies of the 2009 Christmas DVD & hope to have them in stock for you to order soon.

I hope that answers most of your questions! If you have others, feel free to post them here or send me an email at

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