Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas Kit Pre-Orders Coming Soon!

Hi, everyone! It's getting close to that time of year where I start wishing I had never taken up scrapbooking: Christmas Kit Pre-Order Time! :D

I know, I know ~ I swore I would never make another Christmas Kit after that whole fiasco with Making Memories last year {who you will notice does NOT appear in the list of manufacturers below ~ HA! REVENGE!}, but the kits are back by popular demand!

Which is just proof that when I swear up and down I am never, EVER going to do something EVER AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE, you can probably talk me into doing it again assuming you wait for my PTSD to subside & for amnesia to set in.

So what am I even talking about anyway? For those of you who don't know, last year I offered a virtual Christmas album class in a box. The kit came with everything needed to complete an album I designed, along with a DVD where I guided viewers through the assembly of an album identical to mine in a classroom like format. The tutorial was exclusive to the DVD & included tips and techniques which I have never shown on YouTube. Putting the video on DVD instead of YouTube allows me to offer a slower pace with fewer cuts and more detailed shots. The DVD classroom format also enables purchasers to scrap at their own pace by pausing, rewinding, skipping ahead, etc. No more waiting for videos to load.

Like all my albums, this album will be chock full of beautiful techniques, unique and exciting pages, interactive page elements and fun embellishments. The 2010 album will primarily feature the Graphic 45 "Christmas Past" collection, with inclusions from 7Gypsies, American Crafts, Clearsnap, Crafty Secrets, Jenni Bowlin, Prima, Ranger, Sizzix, Tattered Angels, Tim Holtz and More! There is over $150.00 MSRP worth of goodies in the box & that's not including the DVD!

You can see a video of one of the kits from last year here: 25 Days Until Christmas Kit by Tiffany.

This year the kits are going deluxe. We've included lots of high-end papers and embellishments from some of the hottest manufacturers in scrapbooking. We'll be chronicling our family Christmas traditions, memories and recipes in a luxurious vintage ~ even Victorian ~ twelve page 8"x8" Christmas album.

Pre-orders will go up on October 1, 2010 and will close on November 1, 2010. Kits will ship by December 1st unless there is a problem with a manufacturer, the USPS goes on strike, or a comet hits my house. Pre-order prices are only good through November 1st. After that, kits may not be available or may only be available at elevated prices due to minimum order requirements. I should tell you that last year the kits sold out completely during pre-orders.

There will be three pre-order options this year: Full Kit + DVD Deposit Only, Full Kit + DVD Paid in Full and DVD Only.

Pre-Order Prices: through November 1st
1. DVD only: $19.95 USD + shipping due on order.
Will ship in a USPS Priority flate rate envelope.
2. DVD, Chipboard, Paper & All the Trimmings, Deposit Only: $150.00 USD total, $75.00 USD due on pre-order and the remaining $75.00 USD + Shipping due when kits are complete & ready to ship. Shipping will be via the USPS Priority mail Medium FRB.
3. DVD, Chipboard, Paper & All the Trimmings, Paid in Full: $150.00 USD + shipping due on pre-order. The benefit of paying the total upfront is that the second the kits are ready to ship, these kits will be the first out the door.

Payment will be via PayPal. Information on how to pre-order this gorgeous showcase for your family's activities, recipes and holiday traditions will be available on October 1st!

While a full class sample will not be available for this project kit for you to view before you commit to pre-ordering, a supply list will be included in the pre-order post so you can see exactly what product is included. The album is a twelve page 8"x8" chipboard album. This will be the album that I use for my personal 2010 Christmas album, so you can be sure that it will have the same attention to detail and level of creativity that I put into all my projects.

If you are reading this post, then you are probably already familiar with my work and my YouTube videos, so you know what to expect from my creations. This one will be no exception, and it will be exclusive to the class DVDs ~ it will never appear in videos on my YouTube channel or live UStream shows! Only class members will have access to this exclusive album through the instructional DVD.

Thank you for your interest and for all your support! Please do not hesitate to leave a comment here with a question or e-mail me at I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Looking forward to this once again :) I've only just! finished last years album but it proves that having all the supplies and the instructional video allows you to scrap at your own pace. Love it :)

  2. oooh very exciting!!! I will be saving up so I can get it soon!!

  3. Wow this is great I'd love to have one. I'm a big fun of your work. I'll send you an email with a question. Thank you.

  4. Sounds so tempting! I will start the justification process in my head now.

  5. My dad unexpectedly passed away in Jan of 09 and I just couldn't bring myself to scrap our last Christmas with him (Dec 08) or Christmas last year without him. I think this album will be very healing for me, especially focusing on family traditions. Thanks for putting it together for us Kathryn!

  6. Hi, Joanna! So glad to hear you had fun working with the DVD at your own pace!

    Amy, just tell yourself that because this one is Christmas Traditions through the years, you'll get at least a decade off from buying my Christmas kits. ;)

    My condolences to you, Debbie, on your father's passing. That must have been difficult during the holiday season, and I can totally understand you not wanting to scrap the last two Christmasses. I haven't scrapped Christmas 2009 because my husband was in Afghanistan and it's just not the same.

    The format of this album is different & does allow for pictures and journaling spanning many years ~ if not many decades. I'm really excited about this concept and can't wait to share it with you guys!

    ~Kathryn :D

  7. Hi Kathryn!
    Just wondering if you will ship kits to Canada as well? If I order the full kit including dvd, an idea of the shipping charges?
    Thanks so much!
    Jennifer C.

  8. Hi, Jennnifer! Yes, we will be shipping kits internationally. The kits will ship in the USPS Priority Mail Regular Flat Rate Box. What this means for Canadian customers is that it will not cost more than $26.95 to ship. Before we ship the boxes we will check how much it costs to ship by weight to your destination. If the price by weight is less than the flat rate, we will ship by weight. If the price by weight is higher, we will use the flat rate. So plan on $26.95 and you'll have no unpleasant surprises on the back end.

    Thanks for your interest!

    ~Kathryn :D

  9. I cannot wait! I'm getting excited just thinking about another "Kathryn" kit! :) Thanks for the hard work you put into making them!

  10. Does the DVD come with the printed instructions that I saw in Tiffany's video? Either way, I know I'm going to order the DVD. Can't wait to see it. Lela

  11. Hi, Lela! Yes, the DVD will come with any printed instructions that are provided with the full kits.