Monday, June 6, 2011

Viewing UStream Recordings

Hi, everyone!

There have been lots of issues reported lately with viewing the archived UStream recordings. A little research taught me that it is a known issue with UStream, and that most playback issues are caused by bugs in the autoplay ads. To bypass these autoplay ads and enjoy a more pleasant UStream viewing experience, try the following steps:

1. Install the Mozilla Firefox web broswer: FireFox.
2. Install the AdBlock Plus for Firefox add-on: AdBlock Plus.
3. After restarting Firefox, Ad Block Plus will ask you if you'd like to download filters. I responded YES to filters.
4. Enjoy ad-free UStream recordings!

I prefer to use Google Chrome for most of my web browsing, but I have Firefox installed on my computer now. I plan to use it for all my UStream-related activities. I have already tested this fix this morning by viewing the same UStream recording in Chrome and in Firefox. The video played much more smoothly in Firefox, with no ads! There was no starting and stopping in the beginning due to loading issues with going into and coming back back from the autoplay commercials.

If you've been having problems watching UStream recordings, be sure to give this fix a try & let me know if it helps!

~Kathryn :D
Ads blocked!

P.S. If you STILL have problems after trying that, then it is most likely your version of Adobe Flash Player. The latest release has been very problematic. To download a previous version of Flash Player, go to and download version

P.P.S. And if NONE of those suggestions fix the problem, then you should contact the UStream Helpers at, because I am out of ideas.


  1. Thank you for this information.....I was having so many problems with UST and hopefully this will fix it....thank you so are an angle.....I'm having UST withdraws...LOL

  2. My issue is that I can't get to the archived recordings. If I can get to them I can play them OK. I click on a show and then go to the box on the right and I can't access any other page. If I click on the arrow for another page I get the "hamster wheel" and it will spin all day. My husband has the same computer, same settings and he can go to them just fine. If he e-mails me the address I can go to them and watch them just fine. It is just getting "old" for both of us for me to have him stop what he is doing and mail me the address. THANKS!!

  3. You can always jump directly to my archived video page by typing the following URL: The URL is basically the same for every UStreamer ~ just swap out my user name for theirs.

    If you want to jump to page 2 of the archived videos, you would use this URL: The URL for all archived video subsequent pages would be the same ~ just swap the 2 out for 3, 4, 5 and so on.

    It's a little bit clunky, but if you bookmark those links I think it will take you a lot less time than getting your husband to email them to you.

    I hope that helps at least a little bit!


  4. That's great news Kathryn! I installed Firefox but had to install Adobe Flash for it so Googled an archived version of Flash. It seems the trouble started for me when Adobe updated to the 10.3 versions, so I downloaded and installed the last 10.2 version which came out in mid-April. It's all working great and I can now watch the archived videos! Yay!!

  5. I thank you and my husband thanks you!!! I can actually get the all the recorded videos this way!! I tried it out just now and it worked just fine. I can actually use the page arrows at the bottom of that screen. Still a mystery to me why the other doesn't work but at least I can view them now!!! Thanks again Kathryn!

  6. I can't get recorded videos to load and go. It acts like my old dial up internet. I know everything on my end is working and I know it isn't Adobe 10.3 because I didn't have that until this week. I'll try the firefox idea. The only thing I have trouble with is ustream recorded segments. You Tube runs great. Makes me want to say a bad word when I can't get what I want to see on ustream. Oh yeah, the trouble is on all ustream recorded segments not just yours. Thanks

  7. I've tried every suggestion I've read and still no luck. I installed Firefox, and it says I need to install a plugin, so I do. It won't install automatically, so I install manually. But then it says it's not there. So I install manually again, but it says at that point that it's already there. I'm about ready to cry!

  8. Heather, if the above suggestions didn't work for you, I can only suggest you contact USTREAM directly at They have a live chat there with experts on the system who will be able to assist you.

    Kathryn I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can watch all recordings again!!!!
    THANK YOU! Greeting from Germany, Cecilia

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  11. Thanks Kathryn! I decided to check out my old computer, which I hardly ever use, and I haven't updated Flash, and it works! I prefer the portability of my netbook, but until I figure it out, at least I can still watch on something. Yay!

  12. Thanks for the tip, works perfectly! I really enjoy Thursdays. Haven't participated yet, just following along.

    Another South Florida Crafter!

  13. Last night I did a system restore to a date before the last Adobe Flash update, and it worked! Yay! Don't know if that would work for anyone else, but it did for me.

  14. Glad itt worked for you, Barbara! Not only does it enable you to actually watch the videos without stutttering in the beginning, but it also has the added benefit of getting rid of those terrible distracting ads.

    Good idea, Heather! So glad you were able to get your preferres computer working again!

  15. Thank you Kathryn, I installed the ad blocker and caught the last 5 minutes of Lauras Ustream and for the first time tonight I could make out what she was saying! At least I can now go and watch the recording and know it will work at last, thank you so much!

  16. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo much for your help! I downloaded Firefox, worked a little more better so I got flash player
    IT WORKED! Finaly I can watch USTREAM recorded videos and live too!!!

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing the research on this. I would never had known where to look or what to do (even with your instructions my hubby had to do mine). I have so missed watching all my Ustream broadcasts.

  18. Buh huu all your good advice didn't help me at all. I have to write Ustream instead. Miss waching the shows. I have to wach the recorded shows as I live in Europe and don't want to stay up all night.

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