Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sharing Funny Scrapbooking Tales

Hi, everyone! This week I'll be re-posting some of my early blog entries related to my commonly used products and altering an ATG. I get many questions about these items, so I thought I'd repost this for you. This blog post was originally posted on June 25, 2009.

I have mentoned this before, but it is worth repeating. I am really clumsy. I mean really, really clumsy. Like, one time I was leaning against a wall, not moving, and chatting with some friends and I fell over. Just literally fell over. {This actually happened years ago and the friends that were with me still bring it up: No, Susie, she just fell over! It was the strangest thing!} It is also a pretty common occurence for me to trip while walking on perfectly flat ground and walk into the walls of my house. Which, considering they don't move at all, is pretty sad.

When people look at me funny, I tell them I have an inner ear problem.

Basically this means that I spend a great deal of my time 1. looking strange, 2. hurting myself, and 3. pondering where I got XYZ bruise/scrape/cut/burn/etc., as I often don't remember.

This clumsiness also translates into my scrapbooking. I hurt myself a lot while I am scrapbooking. Like there was the time I thought my retractable X-Acto was retracted and went to click the button to make the blade pop out only to discover that 1. it wasn't retracted and 2. that wasn't the button that makes the blade pop out, it was the blade. Ouch! Who knew scrapping could be so dangerous? Not me!

My all time greatest scrapping blooper has got to be from when my friend and I altered an ATG together. For ease of storytelling, lets just call her "Kim." Which works out pretty well, because that's actually her name. Anyway, Kim and I were in the parking lot behind our local scrapbook store, taking a cropping break to alter her ATG. So we had put down newspaper all over the asphalt so we could spray primer on this ATG. It was going to start raining in about ten seconds, so we wanted to spray the gun quickly and then bring it inside before it got wet.

I don't remember if I thought Kim was taking too long, or if I didn't like her spray paint technique, or if I thought I was an ATG spray painting genius because this was the third one I was altering, but for whatever reason, I was all, "Kim, you're doing it wrong. Give me the spray paint." And she gave me the eyeroll that essentially means, "Yeah, whatever ~ I was handling this just fine on my own, but I am giving you what you want because you have crazy eyes." And then I, in my infinite wisdom and vast spray painting experience, said, "THIS is how you do it."

And then sprayed myself in the face. Right. In. The. Face.

Yes, ladies, I sprayed myself in the face with a can of black Krylon Fusion. Not only that, but my mouth was open. Yum! Then it just became a comedy of errors as Kim and I rolled around in the parking lot screeching with laughter and unable to speak or breathe. Then we did finally get the gun painted before the rain started falling but it was a near miss.

So, there's my funny/embarrassing scrapbooking tale. I want to hear yours! I know you have them: bizarre injurious, crop nightmares, strange photo ops, etc. Come on ~ don't be shy! I told you mine!

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I really needed a good laugh this morning, funny stuff.

  2. If you're squeamish, don't read further. I was using fabric on a layout, so had put Stiffy on it. It had dried and I was cutting it into a square. I used a rotary cutter with a quilting square. In cutting, my hand slipped (not an unusual occurrence, I'm clumsy, too), and I cut right through the top of my fingernail into the quick underneath. Yes, it hurt; yes, it bled a lot. However, no long-term problems. I don't even remember which finger it was. So, if you're clumsy, watch out!
    Vicki Lee

  3. Kathryn, I so neede this post this morning. I love you. I laughed until I was crying. Spit my coffee on the computer screen - "clean-up on aisle one" lol.

  4. spent the day at dentist and divorce lawyer! really needed this post! You are laugh outloud FUNNY!!! I am still laughing! Thank you. I have really enjoyed your u stream classes as well but have never joined the chat.(I am still computer dumb.) This reply is major progress.I have to send anonymous because I haven't figured out how to do my profile but did figure how to open husbands email!

  5. There was the time that I was gone overnight for a crop. Came home to find my husband with 9 stitches in his middle finger. He tried to use my rotary cutter - the one you push down on and roll it away from you to to cut - to cut chipboard. Do you see where this is going?

    He's not allowed in my craft room any more!

  6. OMG Kathryn, I don't know but that spray paint incidence beats all the stories I have read so far. Hugs

  7. this is so stinkin funny! I could never top that!!! Hi ladies... don't mind me... trying out new makeup today. (psst.. any one have a wet wipe)
    lisa aka lisiannie

  8. oh Kathryn you are fab, sorry but Omar is your best one to date.

  9. That was laugh out loud funny. My hubby asked me what was so amusing me! I'd love to have seen that - bet you two giggled often about it when you looked at that atg! Could you repost the Omar story or tell me where it is as I missed that one, I heard bits and pieces of it but never got the whole story and I believe it is also hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh x

  10. Oh, my! Funny....I keep my tacky glue bottle stored upside down in a cup on my desk. I like to do it that way so that the glue is always at the tip, ready to use. (Can you say "impatient crafter"? I have a bad habit of holding the cap for my tacky glue between my teeth. The idea is that I should be able to bring the glue bottle to my mouth and re-cap it without putting it down. Well, I frequently miss and have to go wash the glue blob off my teeth/lip. Not so tasty, but probably better than black Krylon paint. LOL

  11. Never get tired of hearing that....blah

  12. Reading all the responses to this thread makes me think that scrapbooking is a very dangerous hobby! Maybe we need to start wearing protective gear when we're in our craft areas! :D