Sunday, October 28, 2012

G45 "Nutcracker Sweet" Boxed Set Album

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to get a quick post out with the photos from my finished "Boxed Set" albums from the USTREAM class series.

In a recent USTREAM class series, I showed step-by-step how to create the storage box and books from using the Graphic 45 "Nutcracker Sweet" collection. The class was offered online beginning Thursday, October 4th, and you can see a recording of the first class here: Boxed Set Album. We also have a pack of all the chipboard and cardstock you'll need to create the project at Scrapadabadoo: Nutcracker Sweet Cardstock Pack.

Below are some pictures of the completed Boxed Set from the class series. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a friend, or an album to hold all your years of Christmas photos.

Holding 31 4"x6" photos easily, this trio of albums looks like a set of hardbound books in a commemorative storage box. The three albums and the storage box are made entirely from paper and chipboard. The instruction manual details building and covering the box, as well as creating the albums. Photos of sample decorated pages and a supply list are also included in the manual. (Note: the photos in the manual use the Graphic 45 A Ladies' Diary papers, not Nutcracker Sweet)

This 66 page manual costs $18.49 and includes over 200 color photos illustrating the steps needed to complete the album. The manual is available in my shop: Shop.
I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! I will be working on stuff for the Advent Craft Fair until we lose power from Hurricane Sandy. (Maybe we won't lose power, but I've decided to manage my expectations) Whether or not we have Monday Night Card Camp tomorrow night will depend entirely on weather or not I still have power and/or Internet. If I don't have power and/or Internet, I will try to find a way to let someone know so they can post it in the USTREAM chat.
Hope to see you tomorrow!
~Kathryn :D


  1. Take care and be safe!! The box set looks fantastic:)



  2. ...try and stay out of harms way.. we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts... Take care and I hope
    you dont lose your power...Be Safe...

  3. Great pics! Hope the storm doesn't affect you too much.

  4. Also saw this set featured on Scrabadabadoo's blog! Can't wait to start on mine. Hope you survive the storm!! You can always use it as an inspiration for a new project!!

  5. Thanks, everyone for your thought and prayers! Just rain & wind so far. We have another few hours until she hits us! I'll try to keep you posted here or on Twitter!

  6. Hey Kathryn, my thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

  7. does the manual come as a downloadable pdf ... I bought but it pushed me back to your sight.

    1. All the manuals listed for sale on my site are PDFs. They will be emailed within 24 hours of payment clearing to the email address provided when checking out.

  8. HI! I decided to make this my first scrapbook project EVER! what was I thinking?!?! haha.. anyway I just finished it and it looks better than I thought it would! Specially the books.. (I´m not pleased with the box... so maybe I´ll re-do it). I´m from Argentina and we can´t pay through Pay Pal.. so I had to do it with out the manual... Anyway.. I just wanted to share the happiness of having my first project completed and now I´m looking for the photos that will be stored in the albums!
    I Can´t wait to start with my 2nd project... The baby album you did last december..Do you know if the last video ( Baby album finished) is working properly? I wasn´t able to watch it.. but maybe its just me..
    Thanks for sharing all your cool ideas! :)


    1. Hi, Clara! Congratulations on completing your album! :D It is wonderful when you make something and it is a pleasant surprise.

      My shop does take payments other than PayPal. It is not very obvious how to do this, but I do have a PDF guide I can send you if there's something you want. Just let me know!

      Some of the USTREAM videos have become buggy over time and don't play. Unfortunately, the USTREAM customer service is terrible so I can't get it fixed. :(


  9. Putting the finishing touches on my books in the boxed set. Sending it to my grandaughter who is the assistant stage manager for her college production of the Nutcracker. I can't tell you when I have had such a satisfactory result from a project. Thank you so much for the care and attention to detail that you applied to this project. It should be a well received gift. Thanks again, Kathy

  10. This is a great set!! If someone had three kids like myself, this could be used to do three minis of my kids. I could keep for myself or give to my mom. The possibilities are endless.

    Tracey J.