Friday, October 4, 2013

Bye, Bye, Black Sheep!

In the downstairs  powder room, there is a corner storage unit that BeachMum decorates for the seasons. Right now it's decorated for fall. She adds mini album, storage containers, candles, towels, whatever she can find to set a scene.
The inhabitants of this storage until are four little sheep. There are three white sheep and one black sheep. They used to just sit on a shelf until one day I started moving them around and making them do stuff. So now part of the redecorating of this storage unit is to create a new habitat.
Their current habitat looks like this:
Nice, huh? This habitat is made out of the Bushel Box album.
Notice how there are no sheep in the sheep habitat? That's because BeachMum has gotten a little dark. Today I went in there to wash my hands and this is what I found:
BeachMum's take on the Pumpkin Album can be seen behind the sheep.
Yes, that is a grave you see right there. The three white sheep are crying over it. She even made a tiny flower for them to put on the grave, although it's kind of hard to see. You can see the stem pretty well, though.
All sheep go to Heaven.
Apparently the sheep are crying over their friend's grave, because here he is on the top shelf wearing a halo. Considering some of the things the black sheep has done during the different configurations of this shelving unit, I think it was pretty generous of BeachMum to give him that halo!
Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! See you next week!
Kathryn :D


  1. You and animals!!!!!!! ;)
    Trisha aka iceteeeeee

    1. I am sure PETA will send a hit squad after me soon. :)

  2. this is hilarious....oh my goodness! LOL!

  3. Everyone knows "Sheet go to Heaven, Goats go to hell" Love to Beach Mum!!!!

  4. What a kick you two are! I bet it is a hoot to live with the two of you! So much fun! I think the sheep probably deserve their own mini album with pics of their antics. Maybe some geese, Omar and a goat or two could make guest appearances! LOL Thanks for sharing! Made my day.

    1. Well, and there are the swans, too. I certainly have had a lot of animal-related adventures - LOL!