Monday, April 7, 2014

New Facebook Feature: Weekly Stash Busting Giveaways!

Hello and happy Monday! I know you're all super excited to be back at work after a relaxing weekend, right? :)

Weekly Stash Busting Challenge

I have added a new feature to my Facebook Group - a weekly Stash Busting Challenge!
Is your craft room starting to look a little bit like this?
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Do you wish it would looked more like this?
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Then our weekly stash busting challenge may be just what you need!
Each Friday I'll be posting three new stash-busting prompts (cards, layouts and mini albums) to get your creative mojo rocking!
If that's not enough to spark your interest, there are also prizes each week to help me bust my stash! I have a GREAT stash, so you won't be disappointed. :)
Entry deadline is every Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern USA time. The previous week's winner and the new challenge will be posted on Fridays.
I hope you'll be able to join in the fun!

Thank you!

Kathryn :)


  1. My scrapping supplies are all boxed up and stored in the attic and garage right now. I am anxious to clean off a spot in my rather large house - 3000 sq ft+ - and get all of my supplies out and start scrapping. But I have a bigger problem. I have not been taking any photos. At all. I have some on my iPhone, but I have not been taking any photos for quite a while. Does anyone else have that problem? Too many scrapping supplies but not any photographs??? What a problem to have. Can one scrapbook without any photos??? Interesting problem.

    1. I would recommend starting a photo a day project! This is something photographers do - commit to taking at least one photo every day for a year - to improve their photography skills.

      That will give you lots of things to scrap! Plus you can scrapbook about your daily routine, get photos off the internet to scrap about favorite books, TV shows, music or current events. And also drag your family on more outings to the zoo or the park. :)