Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Not Dead ~ Just Going to IKEA!

Hi, everyone! I know I haven't been the best about updating my blog lately between working on the Prima album and getting my place ready for my husband coming home.

I'm on my way to brunch and then to IKEA with the hubster. We're going to try a new place for breakfast/brunch/whatever called First Watch. It's a chain I only heard of recently, but the menu looks fun: First Watch.

At IKEA, we're going to pick up a few things we'll need to complete our planned scraproom remodel. On the shopping list for today is one of the 2x4 IKEA Expedit shelving units in white, to replace the scrap cart:

Also, we'll be picking up one of the 2x2 IKEA Expedit shelving units in white to replace that super heavy cabinet that holds the Epson R1900 {my photo printer, in case you were wondering}:

I store both my 12"x12" albums and my mini albums in that white cabinet. I happen to have other IKEA Expedit units in my house, so I took my largest 12"x12" album and tested to see if it would fit in an Expedit cubby. It did, so I will now have my albums actually out in the open & not behind a cabinet door. That will be nice. The mini albums will go into one of these Branas baskets, also from IKEA, and designed to fit the Expedit cubes:

I will be getting a few of these baskets for the Expedit unit that is replacing the scrap cart as well. I have expanded my scrap supplies to include lots of laces and fibers, art supplies, etc., and the current cart and closet organizer are just not working exactly right anymore. That's not a bad thing. Organizational suystems have to be able to adjust to fit your needs over time ~ not the other way around.

I also picked up two 2'x4' sheets of pegboard {and hardware} from to be mounted on the wall over the 2x4 Expedit unit:

The two sheets will form a 4'x4' square of pegboard on the wall over that storage unit. I can't wait! I plan to store my clear and rubber cling stamps on the pegboard, as well as ribbons, fibers, and a whole bunch of other embellishments. This will take some pressure off the closet organizer and free up space in those drawers for my ever expanding collection of art and mixed media supplies.

So big changes are coming to my scraproom! I hope to have everything completed before the May National Scrapbook Day Virtual Crop over on my web community so I can give you a live tour during one of the crop UStreams. I will also be doing a YouTube video with a tour of the new space once everything is completed.

It seems like I am always changing something around in my scraproom. Not because my storage doesn't work, but because I am always changing as an artist and crafter. Do you guys have the same issue? How often are you tweaking things in your scraproom or art room?

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. hoow fun!!! cant wait to see the new room!!! :)

  2. i feel like i'm always changing mine lol. I got the expedit that you are getting and i LOVE it!! I wish i would of got it sooner!! I want to get more!! Have fun and cant wait to see :)

  3. I am a complete nutter and ALWAYS moving/changing/reorganizing everything. I JUST created a (majorly needed) space/area for the blasted silhouette cutter I bought MONTHS ago - going to try it out this weekend! Have fun at IKEA Kathryn, can't wait to see the revamped space when it's all done.

  4. Really nice stuff from IKEA! I can't wait to see it when completed. Glad to hear from you again. My regards to Alan! Best! XXX

  5. I totally agree...I feel like I am brunching and shopping and redesigning as well! LOL...can I have your leftovers (wow, I beat Crystal in begging...) Have fun with Mr LG too...woot, can't wait!!!

  6. how often??? r u joking?? everytime I sit down to craft I'm thinking how I can make things "better"... good luck with this. Can't wait to see the end results.

  7. How funny that you mention changing it around as an artist or a scrapper. I just readjusted what sits in front of me on my table and now it holds tons of acrylic paint, brushes, etc. My ribbon has replaced where my inks go and those are also at fingertips reach. Although, the glimmer mist, alc inks and smooches have been bumped down to a container under the work table. I'm dead smack in the middle of a full rearranging process. Have fun, can't wait to see the new look!!!

  8. ROF@Not dead, just visiting IKEA.. your a crack Kathryn, I could so easily just live in that place, full of fab ideas, cannot wait until I can do up my room and get some new stuff :D Have fun!

  9. How great is that, shooping with hubby at Ikea. Loved what you got, can't wait to see how you reorganize you room.

  10. So funny! Every *single* time I come home with a new item I find myself rearranging and rethinking my current system...will I ever be satisfied?!

    I'm anxiously awaiting the big reveal of your new and improved scraproom! :-)

  11. Love it! I can't wait to see the new rejuvenated space! I love reorganizing and I will be super jealous of you again when I see your IKEA haul in action!