Wednesday, June 2, 2010

After: Scraproom Remodel w/ New Video

Hi, everyone! The scraproom remodel is now finished & I have some "After" pictures for you, as well as a new YouTube video tour!

BEFORE: picture of the whole room from the doorway

As you can see, the room was very cluttered and that there was no way to move easily throughout the room. The lighting was also very poor & something that needed to be addressed.

AFTER: picture of the whole room from the doorway

Now the room is uncluttered and there is a clear pathway throughout the space. There are now three artificial lighting sources + the window, so it is nice and bright.

BEFORE: close up of closet organizer

The closet organizer was functional when we bought it, but my style of scrapbooking changed. There was nothing wrong with the organizer, I just needed to adjust how I stored things to make it functional again. I took some of the pressure off the closet organizer by installing a pegboard, which you'll see in the "After" post.

AFTER: the new, uncluttered organizer + the new pegboard

I relieved some of the pressure from the closet organizer by adding a pegboard to the room. This allowed my to expand the area I use for art supplies for my paints and other art projects ~ now the closet organizer works for scrapbooking as well as other art projects.

BEFORE: photo printer corner w/ album cabinet

This corner is the worst area. It is hard to get to & a waste of space.

This cabinet used to be where I stored all of my scrapbook supplies. That certainly changed!

AFTER: the new, streamlined printer corner

I love the new printer corner! It is so easy to get to and see all my albums. It is also more inviting for guests to come in and view completed albums. Plus, I don't have to vault over a pile of clutter to get to my photo printer anymore & the claustrophobic feeling is gone.

BEFORE: Cricut station

I love my Cricut, but it is low to the floor here and across the room from me. I need to move it closer to where I work.

AFTER: the new Cricut haven

The Cricut and all its supplies are now right at my fingertips! I have moved it to my second desk & it is easy to use now. I use it so much more often now! Love it!

And now to bring it all together so you can see how each area flows into the next, here is a quick video of the completed space! I hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who would like to see a more detailed tour ~ with explanations of how we did each section, product names and where to buy, and all that good stuff ~ I recorded the UStream where I gave the tour & it is available for you to watch here: Detailed Scraproom Tour.

Speaking of UStream, remember that there are two live shows each Thursday: one at 2:00 PM EDT {GMT/UTC-4} and one at 9:00 PM EDT {GMT/UTC-4}, both are live over on my UStream Channel!

Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.


  1. Fantastic transformation! Having a scrap area that you can really get goin in is heaven! Mine needs some updating too.. thanks for teh inspiration!

  2. Whoooo! Need to watch the video for the details, but the space looks great, Kathryn...LOVE that funky desk the Cricut is on!

  3. That turned out very well, Kathryn! I'm really liking that pegboard system. You know I clicked on that pic because I wanted to get a closer look at your goodies. I'm thinking "hmmm...let's see what K's got that I just gotta get!" I'll give your room another look-see when I get home tonight because there's this big fat mini that's sitting on your worktable that I'm liking. Did you make the book or did you buy?

    Anyway, the careful planning and thinking garnered excellent results. Enjoy!

    (Btw, I see the glimmer mist collection is growing - laugh.)


  4. Hi, Liz!

    The big fat mini on my desk is the second of my Prima "Pastiche" Paperbag albums. The only thing I didn't make in that album was the paperbags ~ they came from the grocery store! :D

    I assembled it, bound it, covered it, etc. I know I need to do a tutorial on that style of paperbag album soon. I have been getting a lot of requests for it!

    I have a ton of stuff in my scraproom, where to begin? LOL! Lately I have been playing around with some more artsy/complicated {for me} stuff. Glimmer Mists, Twinkling H20s, Copics, Watercolors, etc. I have fun, but everything takes so long to do. I need to find a compromise between my earlier, very simple, scrapbooking style and this artsy business or I will never get any projects finished. :D


  5. Kathryn: Your room is so nice and the products are easy to locate. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Kathryn - I have a question. The ring of color circles hanging in front of your Glimmer Chips on the pegboard? Well, were those blank round coasters and you sprayed them with your Glimmer Mist? Could you please tell me where you found those? Also, I see on the tops of your Glimmer Mist you have little color circles, did you just use the round white Avery labels and spray the color onto the label for the tops? I have so many bottles of GM and always have to lift them out of my box -it's quite time consuming when you are on a roll and suddenly think of a color you MAY think might look nice on what you're working I see you have some nice dividers in your GM basket - really really nice! Well, thanks for any info you are able to provide. (sorry this is so long)

  7. Hi, Lois! Thanks for the lovely comments on my scraproom. You are correct: my Glimmer Mist swatch ring is hanging on the pegboard in front of my Glimmer Chips. The swatches are 2 1/2" punched circles of white American Crafts cardstock. The color swatches on the tops of the bottles are 5/8" punched circles of white American Crafts cardstock.

    I punched holes in the larger circles & reinforced them with eyelets & they hang together on a string. On the back of each of the large circles is a 2" punched scalloped circle. They are punched from Avery lable sheets & I use them to write the name of the Glimmer Mist and the collection it comes from, If applicable.

    The smaller circles are stuck to the tops of the bottles with Glue Dots. When I run out of a color & replace the bottle, I just use the old cap so I don't have to make another swatch.

    The basket they're all in came from Michael's & the dividers are made from extra thick chipboard that I cut down to fit the inside of the basket. That keeps them from falling over all the time. Having the swatches on top means I can locate a bottle easily without having to pick every single one up and look at the back.

    When I am trying to decide what color to use, I grab the swatch ring and use that to decide. The swatches are big enough that I get a good idea. Also, the bottles are in the basket in the same order the swatches are on the ring, so once I've made a decision it is very easy to find the one I want.

    When I first switched to this system, I probably had 50 bottles of Glimmer Mist, so it was pretty time consuming to get started. However, it is really easy to maintain. every time I bring home a new Glimmer Mist, I immediately use it to make the swatches. This is great because it enables me to see the color in action immediately & I keep organized.

    I hope that helps!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.