Friday, February 24, 2012

Card Organizer Divider Labels

Hi, everyone!

We had two wonderful USTREAM shows yesterday & got our card organizer box complete. We also got started on the dividers for the box & there was a request that I would add another PDF with some ideas for card subjects in the same font used for the months. I created a PDF with the names of all twelve months + thirteen other card types to use as divider labels. You can download it here: Divider Tab Labels.

Use as many as you like from the list. I made a total of eighteen dividers for my box, but you could certainly make more ~ this needs to be functionl for you! Twelve of my eighteen tabs are for the months of the year, and six are for occasions that come up throughout the year. I'll probably be using the following six from the PDF:

1. Thank You
2. Sympathy (includes bereavement, get well soon, etc.)
3. Congratulations (includes new baby, wedding, graduation, etc.)
4. Thinking of You (includes anytime, friendship, etc.)
5. Faith/Religious Events (includes Baptisms, religious holidays, etc.)
6. Gift Card Holders

If you'd like to see how to assemble the box and create the dividers, check out the two USTREAM reecordings from today's shows:

1. Card Organizer: Box + Lid
2. Card Organizer: Dividers + Decorating

One of my goals for 2012 was to make (and send) more cards to friends and family. In order to store and organize these cards (and the dates on which to send them), I'll be creating a card organizer and storage box. That's why we created the box and dividers today.

I made the box out of 12"x12" chipboard and decorated it with the Bo Bunny "Country Garden" paper collection. Since this box will be sitting in your home, you should choose a paper collection that you love and that complements your home decor.

The tabbed dividers turn the large empty box into a filing system of sorts. There's a tab for each of the twelve months. That's where you put the cards for events that happen on the same day every year: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. The additional tabbed dividers are for those occasions and circumstances that crop up periodically throughout the year.

To download the date sheets for the fronts of my twelve monthly dividers shown on the videos, click here: Monthly Card Sheets.

I'll be doing card classes throughout the year to fill our boxes up. The goal is to get the box nice and stocked so that you're always prepared to send a handmade card for any occasion.

I hope that you like this idea and that you'll be making a card organizer of your own.

~Kathryn :D


  1. This is a much needed project for me. Looking forward to the cards to fill it with!

  2. OH Kathryn, so sorry I missed the class I was not feeling well and the time passed by and I even forgot it was Thursday. Today I viewed the class and what a wonderful idea, I am totally going to do the card organizer, and can't wait to fill it up with cards. I think it is one of the best projects ever and I love that it is ongoing and is something very useful in our homes. Hugs and god bless

    1. I think we are going to have tons of fun making the cards to fill these boxes. Not only is the project fun for us and useful, but it will bring great happiness to our friends and family when we mail the cards! It's a win for everyone and I'm so happy you're all working on it with me. :D

  3. I missed the classes too. I'm back to work all day after being off work and also on half days since last november from a car accident. But I would never have found your blog and Ustream classes if that had not happened. So see, a silver lining in every black cloud!! Thanks for all you do for us!

    1. So sorry to read about your accident, but I am glad you have been able to enjoy the show live while recuperating. :D I hope everything goes smoothly for you at work & enjoy the recordings!

  4. hello oh that is wonderful taht you are doing this project because this was my goal as well!!! I really needed help with this. So thank you for this I will make sure I follow all your videos. I have missed you on youtube. I was wondering where you were and look I found your blog!!!! :)

    1. I have not been doing YouTube videos because I moved out of state right before Thanksgiving and am currently in temporary housing. It's not so easy to film and edit videos (or even scrap at all) from my current situation, but I am sure there will be more YouTube videos when we're settled into a permanent place. In the meantime, there are still projects here and on USTREAM for you to enjoy & I hope you have a great time checking them out! :D