Thursday, February 2, 2012

No USTREAM This Afternoon!

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that this afternoon's regular USTREAM is cancelled since I will be 35,000 feet over the Midwest at the time it's supposed to air. ;D My airport shuttle leaves the hotel at 5:45 AM Pacific & I arrive in DC at 5:00 PM Eastern. It's going to be a l-o-n-g day.

The evening show will be on at the regular time as long as I am still capable of sitting up after nine hours of travel. If we do have a show, it will be shorter than the usual two hours. Instead of doing a project, we'll talk about some of the highlights of the show & I'll show you some of the new products coming out in the next few months! Sound like fun?

See you later!

~Kathryn :D


  1. Great - would love to see some of the new items, but only if you feel up to it!....hope you had a great time and that seeing all the latest products has inspired you with some wonderful new ideas for projects!...

  2. Have a safe trip home. Looking forward to hearing about your CHA experience and the new products (whether it be tonight if you're up to it, or another night). Hope you had a delightful time!

  3. Sounds exciting but, if you're not up to it no worries! Safe trip home.
    Hugz, Z

  4. kathryn, have a safe trip home and relax a while. I'll be happy to hear about all the new stuff at Cha, but really excited about the new ideas and projects you'll be teaching us with all the new goodies coming up. Hope you had a lot of fun. hugs

  5. Hi Kathryn: You were so sweet to have a show last night, even though you were completely exhausted from a long plane ride. Thank you so much.
    Just had to tell you though that I had the strangest dream last night, and you were in it. (I think it was due to the Nyquil I took before bed). Anyways, you had a HUGE adhesive lint roller (like the size of those big rolls of butcher paper), and every time you cleaned your craft area you had to hoist that thing up on your desk. I guess the positive side was that it only took 1 swipe to clean your desk. :)

    Hope you get some rest today.