Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Saturday + Moving Sucks!

Hi, everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturdays. Somebody in the universe should be able to relax and enjoy the weekend. Unlike those of us who have to spend the weekend on moving-related issues. Yesterday we tackled the Master bedroom, master bathroom and master closet for de-cluttering. That was a HUGE project. We got together two large contractor sized bags that needed to go to the Dumpster. Some of the treasures included:

  • Receipts from every purchase we have made in the last year, cleverly hidden in every nook and cranny of the room so if we actually needed a receipt we could never find it

  • So many ponytail holders that I now wonder why it is I can never find a ponytail holder when I need it

  • At least a dozen bottles of shampoo that had only one wash's worth of soap left. They had obviously been replaced with other, better shampoos & then stored under the sink. Why I saved all of them is beyond me. Maybe for the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • THREE round horsehair hairbrushes. I have no idea how they even got into my house because I NEVER EVER buy that kind of hairbrush. My hair is too thick to use them & they just get stuck in my hair & have to be cut out. Bizarre.

  • Approximately eleven billion bobby pins. I found all of them with my bare feet.

We also got together a bunch of bags of clothes for Good Will. Some of it is stuff I should have donated the last time we moved, since I am pretty sure I haven't worn it in the last three years we've been living in Miami. And that's not because they are for cold weather ~ it's just because I don't like them anymore. An we de-cluttered all his old uniforms. He kept one full uniform for memories & the rest he gleefully tossed. They made a lot of bags themselves because of all the matching socks, boots, t-shirts, etc.

In addition to the master bedroom progress, we have de-cluttered and organized all our books, movies and video games. That was a lengthy process, but we made a ton of space and I am so much happier with what we have now and how easy it is to store. Well, except for the books. We went from having hundreds of overflow books that wouldn't fit on our 6"x12" book shelves to having less than one hundred books that wouldn't fit on our book shelves. There is probably more progress to be made there but it is very hard for me to part with books. This is a learned behavior from my parents, for sure. We also cleaned and de-cluttered the dining room which was barely visible under a giant pile of stuff we stored there while we decided what to do with it + all the shipping supplies for pumpkins and whatever else.

Here's the schedule for today:
  1. Organize and de-clutter the dreaded third bedroom aka the room where we put stuff when we have no idea what else to do with it, but we're not quite ready to get rid of it

  2. Move everything from the scraproom/office that is going with the movers into the third bedroom

  3. Stage what's left in the scraproom/office so that it will be easier to pack ourselves

  4. Put all items we are moving ourselves into the scraproom so we can close the doors and keep the movers and packers out of there

  5. De-clutter and organize the garage (this is not actually a very big task because our car still fits in the garage and we keep very little down there anyway ~ mostly just holiday decorations and stuff like that)

After all this fun and excitement, I think it will be time for dinner and lots and lots of drinks. LOTS OF DRINKS!

~Kathryn :D
So much packing!


  1. I never knew declutter was a four letter word! I so wish I could help but since I can't I will just send my wishes for easy decisions. Love ya, Oz

  2. I am tired just reading your "to do" list. Keep on movin' :)

  3. Linda, I certainly appreciate the offer! I normally like to de-clutter and organize, but there has certainly been too much of a good thing the last few days.

    If you tired just reading it, Mel, think how we feel ~ lol!

    ~Kathryn :D
    back to the grindstone

  4. Have fun if there is a way possible. It won't be long before you will get to organize a new scraproom area and be back online with us all. We wish you the best and happiest holiday and can't wait to see you online!!
    Hugs! BuggaBabyMomma

  5. Kathyrn, having moved 5 times while hubby was in the navy I can actually feel your 'pain'...then when we got to our new home, we had to unpack, more de-clutter and re-arrange. Thankfully, hubby retired in 2004, we bought a house with my own scrap room and he says we ain't moving for a LONG time...hopefully the same will be true for you and your hubby. We wish him the bestest of luck in his job search, a safe trip for you both, and lots of inspiration for you along the way in your journey to bring to us when you're back in full swing...have a drink or two for us today, ha!

  6. Kathryn, Your sense of humor will see you through this. A drink or two along the way may also help a bit.
    I think books are like stuffed animals and multiply when you aren't looking.
    Enjoy the journey, we will all be glad to have you back and sharing your adventure. I trust that there is a scrapping project to document all this!
    Have a wonderful holiday and Thanks!!!!
    Susan McGee Romick

  7. We will miss you for the next couple of weeks. Hope everything goes well. Sounds like it is so far. I will gladly have lots of drinks with you so you won't feel alone.

  8. "Declutter" Ooooo that is a bad word here
    When I moved here 11 years ago I had to do it!! I cant believe how much stuff we keep but Im trying to keeping it all now... not that it is going to work!!lol I will have to mave again hopefully not too far!
    Miss you already!

  9. Oh Kathryn ! I am so feeling your pain. Having gone through that recently, I know what you mean! If only I would of "decluttered" like you !!!! I just moved everything to storages. And to think I may have to do again ! Maybe drinks will help ! Wish I was there! Miss you girl !!! Keep up the great sense of humor and think it will be back to normal very soon !!! Hugs,xoxoxo

  10. Oh yeah, I feel your pain. I've moved 7 times in the last 6 years. I don't have much clutter left. I would come help cuz I'm really good at it now, but I'm in Minnesota-by the time I got there you'd be gone.

    Hang in there--look to the light (at the end of the tunnel). Have a safe move and a very very happy Thanksgiving.


  11. Horse hair brushes! Of course it was Omar playing a joke from Horse Heaven! Drive carefully, Mary Werner