Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is It Sunday Already?

Well, folks, even the most organized of movers can still experience set-backs. We had two in the last two days. The first was the fact that it poured down rain Friday and slowed our trailer packing progress immensely. So much so that when we were only about 75% packed at 6:00 PM, we threw in the towel. Then we discovered on Saturday that we had 25% space and 30% stuff. After wrestling with it for a while, we realized there was no way it was all getting in there. So we put it ALL in the garage & went back to U-Haul and exchanged our trailer for a truck with an auto transporter, so we are now driving a 14ft U-Haul that is mostly empty & towing our car behind.

Last night we made it as far as Titusville, FL before calling it quits. Today I hope to spend the night in NC if I can & be in VA tomorrow around lunchtime.

And I am never moving again, so my mom better have plenty of towels.

~Kathryn :D


  1. It can only get better lol. Good luck

  2. Oh Kathryn...feel your pain!....I have to say I was VERY impressed with how organized you and Mr. L. were in getting everything together...but you know that good old "Murphy" always has something to say about things...glad to see that you are on your way and will be sleeping in a familiar bed Monday journey...

  3. Oh i definitely know the feeling. Things worked out :-). Continue to have a safe journey.. there is a comfy bed in your future..
    God speed...

  4. Hi Kathyrn, need some towels, ha! I think we can make sure you get plenty. I sorta know how you feel cause when we moved into our house after Honey's retirement in 2004 we both said, That's it, we're done moving! Hope the rest of your journey is much smoother and that it's drier in NC. thanks for the updates...we love them!

  5. LOL Kathryn Thanks for updating us!


  6. Oh Kathryn I can relate to your move. Five years ago we moved back to Maine from Charlottesville, VA and it rained all the way from Va to Danbury CT. Two cars husband with one dog and my car with two dogs. It took 13 hours instead of 8 hrs. So the rest of the drive to Va should be fairly good. Hugs from Maine.

  7. Awww that was a pain for you both
    You must be exhausted!
    Your on your way thats a relief!
    Safe travelling Kathryn, this will be all over soon!

  8. Just recently moved to the DC area in I certainly understand...hang in there...I know your tired...Sending you hugs...

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