Sunday, November 13, 2011

I {HEART} Moving!

Oh, who am I kidding? Moving is a huge pain. Let's get real.

So here was yesterday's schedule of activities:
  1. Organize and de-clutter the dreaded third bedroom aka the room where we put stuff when we have no idea what else to do with it, but we're not quite ready to get rid of it. WE DID IT! It looks so nice in there now ~ we could even have guests over to stay without them tripping on anything.

  2. Move everything from the scraproom/office that is going with the movers into the third bedroom. Eh. This is mostly done. The only things left to move are some posters from the walls, one of my glass desktops and a little rolling printer cart. Will take all of fifteen minutes.

  3. Stage what's left in the scraproom/office so that it will be easier to pack ourselves. BAM! Did this AND have packed a few boxes already ~ we're ahead of the game in this area.

  4. Put all items we are moving ourselves into the scraproom so we can close the doors and keep the movers and packers out of there. Eh. This is also not 100% done, but all the items we are taking ourselves have been labelled with a piece of blue painter's tape, so it will be easy to do.

  5. De-clutter and organize the garage. DONE! This was really good. Found some stuff we wanted to take that we'd forgotten about AND took the opportunity to get rid of some stuff that had just randomly been hanging out down there.

Yesterday was a really productive day. We purged TWO CARLOADS of clutter from the house between the spare bedroom and the garage. All of it stuff we should have gotten rid of long ago. I feel so light and free today! YES!!! Actually, I am a merciless de-clutterer when I put my mind to it, so this has been almost enjoyable for me. It really clears your head to get rid of all the stuff that can weigh you own. It's amazing how exhausting it is just seeing this stuff around you all the time. At least for me.

The packers are coming tomorrow between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM which is seriously way too early. Hopefully they can start in a room other than the master bedroom because I will not be a happy camper if I have to be up and showered and ready to be polite by 8:30 AM.

So this is what we have left to do today & then we can take things a little easier for a while:
  1. Move everything from the scraproom/office that is going with the movers into the third bedroom. Since this is already 90% done, it shouldn't take very long at all.

  2. Put all items we are moving ourselves into the scraproom so we can close the doors and keep the movers and packers out of there. This is also about 90% done, so we should finish in no time.

  3. Give the living room and dining room one last once over to make sure it is perfectly tidy and organized for the packers. Since we've already de-cluttered these areas, this is more about just picking up a few things than anything else. Easy peasy.

  4. Go through the kitchen and pull out any non-perishables and/or small appliances, coffee cups, etc., that we want to take with us. Also make sure every single dish, pot, pan, etc., is scrubbed totally clean for packing. This should also go pretty quickly since we don't have to deal with the Fridge of Doom yet & we switched over to paper plates and Solo cups yesterday.

So, we are in so much better shape than I expected to be. We also found another sheet of pegboard and extra hardware in the garage, so if my mom has the wall space, I will have even more pegboard than before & that will be sweet!

Have a great Sunday everyone & I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with another update!

~Kathryn :D
packing the day away


  1. Sounds like you are on your way, does that mean you will have more space for scrapbooking stuff lol take care of yourself.

  2. Hang in there, Kathryn. Not long ago I moved 35 years of stuff across Florida and survived. You will, too! Of course, I will never do it again! LOL

  3. So exhausting! nearly there though doing great!!!!!
    Wont be too long now!!!!!

  4. I just heard that you are moving. Yay and you are coming back to DC. I'm so excited. I feel your pain, kathryn. It's no fun and a lot of work too. We are in the forever improving our townhouse to sell and then move to. You will make it. Take care... Hugs, Friday

  5. So happy to hear you have it under control! I personally, would hate to move right now. We have an acre of land and a way too much stuff. Funny though, don't know you have that much until you actually have to move or finally take a serious look around. Good luck, becareful, don't stress. Praying for you and LG.

  6. I love to de-clutter too, Kathyrn and like can be merciless. Hopefully the movers will wait until last to get to the master bedroom, if not, make them, ha! Have fun...hopefully it will be the last time you make a move like this.

  7. I need to pretend im moving so i can declutter . Take care of your health.

  8. Ooo yay pegboard!!!! A hidden treasure to be sure!! Aye! Lol
    Finding things you forgot you have is the best part of cleaning. We call it treasure hunting and that helps the three pack rats I live with (hubby and two kids) let things go easier cuz they are focused on finding the hidden treasure like PEGBOARD!!! Sorry you have to go through all that. I know it's got to be very hard on you physically. My MIL has fibromyalgia very bad and so take it easy when you can. Hugs!! Wave to us as you go by Georgia on moving day! Jen Aka buggababymomma (

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