Friday, November 18, 2011

Hit It, Willie!

Today is the big day! We're hitting the road and heading back to DC! It's been a long week of de-cluttering, organizing, packing an even more packing, but we're finally ready!

So here's the schedule for today:

9:00 AM: Return cable boxes and modems to Comcast so we don't have to pay them a billion dollar fine for not returning their equipment.

10:00 AM: Pick up trailer from U-Haul

10:30 AM: Head to truck scale to get trailer and car weighed empty

11:00 AM: Start loading trailer and car full of stuff

2:00 PM: Return keys and whatnot to leasing office

2:30 PM: Hit the road!

5:30 PM: Stop in Cocoa Beach, FL for dinner and to visit with Mr. Lifeguard's dad

9:00 PM: Hit the road! Again!

11:00 PM: Arrive in Kingsland, GA to stop for the night

It's a long day, but the second day of travel will be easier since we don't have to load or unload anything. All we have to do is drive and not kill each other.


~Kathryn :D


  1. Good luck Kathryn - my 31year old son recently had to return home to live for the first time in seven years - its working out well - we love having him and his friends around :-)

    Love your work - thank you for sharing

  2. Good luck on your journey! Please don't hurt Mr. Lifegaurd. Somebody has to do all the heavy lifting when you get

  3. Have a safe trip! Shari (cricutrookie)

  4. my son returned home and he too is now living in the basement; which is nice for us and him. have a safe trip up north. ill be the one waving the big banner at the va border. LOL hope to see you soon at the scrapbook store.

  5. I wish I'd thought to suggest that you find a good audio book to listen to on the drive. The first time I tried that I was on a drive from Houston to San Francisco with my youngest daughter (15 at the time). We literally would have killed each other without the books. The only one I remember was the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which we both enjoyed. I've been hooked ever since. Stay safe.

  6. Good luck, and enjoy the trip!!! Can't wait to hear you settling down again... J

  7. Have a safe trip! Glad you are moving closer to me!

  8. Safe trip to VA. I have been watching your ustream. I am making 3 of your Thanksgiving Gratitude mini albums and am enjoying the stamping, inking and glimmer misting techniques. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs from Maine.

  9. As my Grannie used to say, "Drive Defensively!" Elaine in Boynton Beach

  10. Hi Kathryn and Mr Lifeguard, Have a safe trip, stop often and laugh alot along the way! Can't wait to be with you again soon on Ustream Kathryn! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. Robert and I always loved the road trips. He drove and I did all the talking. At least he said he loved it, he laughed in mostly the right places...
    OMG, don't kill each other!!!!

    love ya oodles, the Oz

  12. OK... So this just made me cry ....... However; I am so happy that at least you are now on the way to a new beginning ... Change is good my friend , as well as refreshing. I am wishing you and Alan a safe trip. ENJOY THE JOURNEY... as T!M would say ! Miss you !!!!!! Hugs. Olga MIA

  13. Have a great and safe trip to your new destiny ;-D Glad things are doing ok with the moving right now... they can bring lots of headaches. Looking forward to " scrappy share" with you this new stage of your life. Best wishes and lots of hugs, Vron

  14. Hi Kathryn, I’m a new follower and hear you just moved to Wash. DC. I’m not sure where you were coming from is it the West Cost? Any who I see Kingsland, Ga was one of your stop. I used to live there and loved it. But I’m said to say I’m in VA and I really love it here but like you will be packing my home up Dec 28th and on Jan 18th Will be in Bangor Washington. I’m not sure I’m ready for the drive. As I say Life of a military wife go when need. No question asked!