Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Hail Remarkable Me! :D

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to quickly post and let you all know that my head is now officially too big to get through the doorway to my scraproom! And that's pretty darn big because the scraproom has French doors. Why is my head so big, you ask? Is it that new volumizing shampoo I've been using from the makers of the Chia Pet?

No? You don't think that would be a good look for me? Well maybe this will look better:

My "Cavendish Lady" card was chosen by the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge Design Team as one of their three "Remarkable" cards from last week's sketch! Go me! :D

Here is my card:

A huge thank you to Priscilla, Dawn & the rest of the Midnight Madness Team for leaving such lovely comments on my card challenge post & for selecting my card as one of their remarkables!

I am thinking, though, that maybe this needs to be it for card challenges for me. After all, if I quit now, I will have been remarkable 100% of the time. That's going to be pretty tough to maintain.

Clearly I peaked too early ~ it's only downhill from here.

~Kathryn :D
Life's a beach. Especially when you're remarkable.

P.S. I might be late to Thursday's UStream ~ I have an appointment to have my hair mowed.


  1. Proud to be the current caretaker of this famous item. Thanks for the card. :) Liz

  2. just crap I have been saying about ya all along.... Oz

  3. WOW Kathryn thats great!! A high standard you have to keep up with now! ...I guess we will be seeing more cards now...???
    ps Congratulations!

  4. Kathryn the crack me up! thanks for the laugh and congrats!

  5. Thanks, guys! No, I don't think we will be seeing any more cards. The only way to keep my perfect record is to not make any more cards ~ LOL!

  6. I refuse to say anything mushy in fear of making your head even bigger, I mean seriously we won't be able to see anything you are creating on Ustream because your BIG head will be blocking our view! LOL....Congrats QUP
    ~Hugs Kay