Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Your Color IQ?

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday Mr. Lifeguard sent me a link to an online color hue IQ test. I was a bit stressed about taking it at first because I always thought I had a good eye for color & if I was wrong about that, I really didn't want to know. But I decided to take it anyway & much to my relief:

To test yourself, go to the X-Rite Online Color Challenge page and arrange the tiles as instructed: Online Color Challenge. It doesn't take too long & it is a fun little challenge!

~Kathryn :D
has perfect color vision but is as blind as a bat otherwise

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  1. The green-lilac row just killed me! lol I got 11 (being 0=perfect, 99-worst) so I guess the glasses I'm wearing nearly 24hours a day work for me ;D TFS, it was fun. Hugs, Vron

  2. Pretty neat! I scored 8 - 4 wrong in the greeny blue area, and 4 wrong in the purply pink area. That was fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. well, old age strikes again (or my monitor!, yeah, I'm going with it's all my monitors fault!!)
    I scored a 21 which was "average" for my age range...

  4. ok I thought I did pretty good till I read your ladies scores. I think that's one to file away. I was crosseyed after a while all the colours looked as though they were changing. I scored a 31 :(

  5. This is so fun ~ it's interesting to see all the responses and see the different areas that were tough. I had the hardest time with the third row. Most rows I only moved a square once, but in the third row I moved the squares back and forth, back and forth!

    And, of course, Jill's score would have been perfect if it wasn't for her dastardly monitor!

  6. That was fun!! Scored a 25....after awhile I felt crossed-eyed!

  7. I got a 3!!! Pretty neat, but I think my eyes are permanantly crossed now, lol!

  8. I just took the test and scored a 15...I guess it's better than a 99...I'll try it again when I get home to my own computer. A very interesting test.

  9. row 3 was the killer for me. i only got a 26 and it was all in that one row. Oh, well. Not bad for 50+