Monday, January 31, 2011

A Card for Abby & Alyssa Update

Hi, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends & you were busy with very fun things! My weekend was weird, but I do have some good news to share.

First, an update on Alyssa. Alyssa got to spend some time with her new daughter Tatiana in the ICU yesterday. She also has started working on a deep breathing apparatus, and was able to stand up out of bed for the first time yesterday evening. It sounds like she is doing better and better. Thank you all again for your continued support!

Second, I made this card last week & decided to take some pictures last night {couldn't sleep ~ darn you, Wild Cherry Pepsi!} to have something cheerful to share on the blog.

Last week, I received a valentine sock monkey as a present from Dawn's daughter Abby. She was in the store with Dawn and was picking a sock monkey for her sister. Dawn told her I liked sock monkeys, too, and so then Abby insisted they had to pick one for me as well. Aw! So cute! :D So this is the sock monkey Abby picked for me:

And here is the sock monkey making friends with my other sock monkey pals. They are snuggled in there under a blanket a friend of mine made for my sock monkeys. She also made me a genuine sock monkey from real socks.

So I made Abby a thank you card using an old K & Company sock monkey 3D sticker. I hoard these sock monkey stickers like crazy because I only have a couple left and I love sock monkeys. But how could I not use one on a card for this sweet little girl?

I also decorated her envelope with some Technique Tuesday stamps and some pretty stickles. I stamped the Technique Tuesday "Big Timber" letters in Colorbox "Azurite" Fluid Chalk Ink & then outlined each letter with Ranger "Diamond" Stickles.

Dawn did tell me that I spelled her name incorrectly on the card and envelope {there's no "e"}, but she said it was okay because Abby is only three and doesn't know how to read yet. Which is good because that envelope took me a long time & I don't think I could have made myself redo it. We can only hope that she loses the card before she learns how to read.

Knowing Dawn as I do, though, I am sure she will save it forever in an archival shadow box stored inside a fireproof safe just to torture me.

Anyway, I hope Abby enjoys her sock monkey card as much as I am enjoying my new sock monkey friend! Thank you all again so much for your prayers, warm wishes, support and kind comments over the weekend ~ it meant so very much to me and also to my friends.

~Kathryn :D
Reporting live from the monkey house.


  1. Such wonderful news about Alyssa, Kathryn! It's wonderful to hear that she got to spend time with her new daughter. Thank you for the update!
    Love the great card and your cute sock monkey! Chances are Abby will want to carry the card around with her until it falls apart, so you might be safe there! lol...Nancy :o)

  2. I love sock monkeys too! Cute little Valentine one, how sweet of your friends daughter. Really cute card also! Good news on your friend Alyssa, I'm glad to hear that she is doing better, even if it's a little at a time :0)

  3. I am counting on Abby wanting to carry it around with her until it falls apart ~ they way she will never need to know that I cannot spell her name properly! LOL! :D

    Alyssa is doing better and better each day ~ thank you all so much for your support!

  4. This is wonderful news about Alyssa... the power of prayer, No Doubt!!
    Adorable sock monkey commune just beware, sock monkeys like to "monkey" around...they may decide to take over some day. (you've been warned)
    Between the demon goat watching you and the sock monkeys, I don't think I would craft in your room alone late at night.... just sayin'

  5. I Don't know how I missed this post but I will now forever hold this card! Just because you said I would and it would be funny! Your such a great friend thanks for thinking of my little girl and sending her a card1

  6. Your sock monkey card is so cute ! Love for you to link it up to my challenge here

  7. Thanks, Sandy! I just added my link to your challenge ~ it's awesome that you let me know about it!