Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Video: Double Slider Pocket/Tag/Card/Whatever Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

Out of all the requests I receive for videos, the most asked for has got to be the double slider pocket. I have dragged my feet on this one for a few reasons: it's not my original idea, it involves math, my ponytail is too tight, gnomes ate my homework, etc. Today I was making a thank you card and I decided to do it as a double slider. And then I thought to myself, "What the heck ~ might as well do a video tutorial and get it over with."

So I did.

Wasn't that an awesome story?

I uploaded the tutorial video over on my YouTube channel. You can view the tutorial below, or you can follow this link to watch it on YouTube: Double Slider Pocket Tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial & have fun making tons and tons of double slider pockets for your minis. They're really fun and a great interactive element to add to an album. Non-scrappers go bananas for them. They think they're made with some kind of magic.

I know because I showed my double slider card to Mr. Lifeguard and he said, "Wow! Is that some kind of magic?"

Also this weekend I got another page in my Steampunk album done ~ go me! Here's a pic:

And here it is together with the facing page:


Life's better on the beach.


  1. Thank you so much. You explained each step so I now know what to do.

  2. You're so welcome, Cathy! :D They can be tricky little devils, but once you get used to them, they come together fast & are a fun element to add to a page.

    ~Kathryn :D

  3. Okay, it's official - I really like Steampunk. Who knew? Then again, I really like every album you do. So, is this one spoken for?

  4. Sorry, Wendy! :( The Steampunk album already has a home! But that makes sense to me that you like it as Steampunk is very Victorian. I will still have some of the papers when I am done - maybe if we are still friends after the anniversary album ...

  5. This is gorgeous! and what do you know I have found that I do have the 8x8 papers so I would really like to make this
    Would that be OK?
    Cheers Deni

  6. Hi, Deni! That is no problem at all ~ go for it!

    ~Kathryn :D

  7. thank you Kathryn Im so excited!!!! let you know how I go!