Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently Overheard in the Krieger-Jackson Household ...

Me: Did you read my blog today?

Him: No.

Me: Oh.

Him: Why?

Me: Well, you made an appearance.

Him: Really? Let me check it out.

Me: ::sits quietly, acting innocent::

Him: ::sighs & gets up off couch::

Me: Where are you going?

Him: To hook up your photo printer.

Me: Oh? That's nice of you! Why are you doing that right now?

Him: Because I don't want my socks stolen.

Me: Ha ha! I win!

Him: You could just have asked nicely, you know.

Me: I suppose. Doesn't seem quite as fun, though.


  1. I never knew socks had that much bargaining power..... oh the things I could have gotten done...sigh.

  2. I'm sure he knows he'll never win.....I really enjoy it when you post "Recently Overheard in the Krieger-Jackson Household ..."

  3. Lol I should try that, this is so much fun.

    Hugs Gina

  4. I so love these "He said" "She said" it makes my day. Too funny!

  5. Thanks, Kristen, Jill, Vron, Dawn, Gina and Suzie! I enjoy these, too, and they make me think about my conversations with Mr. Lifeguard in a different way. I'm glad I'm making a record of them on my blog, because that will make it easy to do a layout or mini later.

    Linda, I'm not sure if the sock threat would work with all men. Mr. Lifeguard must wear socks 24/7 or the world will explode, so it's a very good bargaining chip with him.

    Mr. Lifeguard is well aware of the face that he will never win, Lois. I think that is one of the reasons we have such a successful relationship! :D

  6. I really need to start blogging...

    This is funny my husband has the same sock issue! I have never used it as leverage...interesting!