Friday, January 21, 2011

New Video: Gate Fold Mini Album

Hi, everyone!

So, all month I've been on a kick to finish unfinished projects, follow-up on projects requests, and basically just stop putting things off and actually get them done already.

This request is my oldest request ~ to do a tutorial on assembling a gate fold mini album like my Christmas 2008 album. Yes, you read that right. I've been putting off doing this tutorial for TWO YEARS! Who knows what my problem is? It's clearly some kind of sickness.

Anyway, so I finally uploaded the gate fold chipboard album tutorial video over on my YouTube channel. You can view the tutorial below, or you can follow this link to watch it on YouTube: Gate Fold Album Tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial & have fun making a gate fold album of your very own. I will take great delight in actually taking something OFF my project request list since I am normally putting things ON it.


~Kathryn :D


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial Kathryn, but I think you've just added another adorable mini to finish to your list! Would love to see this one after you've ! :O)
    Glynis aka Kiara76

  2. I need a PHD to figure out that BIA instructions, hopefully it will be easier when I start working with it. I'm off to investigate my stash to find a collection so I can play along!!

  3. Looks really great! I hope we get to see the finished album when you're done? :)

  4. LOVE this version of a gate fold album! i was inspired by another YouTube video to make one, but the binding and set up was different (plus it was a paperbag album), I'm anxious to start another one using this method!

  5. Well, I am not too upset about that Glynis as I have just finished another album this afternoon from the list, making it the fifth project I have completed since I started. Not to mention I have started and completed four other projects in the meantime. I don't really consider a project "unfinished" in that way unless I started it, stopped it & let it sit for a long time. It's no big deal to me to start a new project as long as it gets done & doesn't create more work for me later!

    Jill, I am sure you find some gorgeous papers in your stash to play along! The BIA is pretty easy to use if you make that cheat sheet I showed in the video ~ I found a whole new love for me BIA after I had completed that thing ~ thanks Stamper Dan!

    Mellisa, I hope you have a ton of fun making your chipboard gate fold album! They're very fun to decorate and play around with ~ that's for sure!

    ~Kathryn :D

  6. Thanks Kathryn for the great tut! I too think I will try out your method. Seems this one would be easier since it is made from all chipboard. Need to make one for a sweet friend who will be having a baby soon. i just finished a sports mini from paper bags that I was trying to get complete to put in your January challenges but missed the deadline. Would still love for you to stop by my blog and check it out. Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial. Your projects are absolutely stunning,